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Btech Embedded Mini Electrical projects

Advanced Electrical Mini Projects For Engineering Students from takeoffgroup.It Will help to get the real time knowledge about projects and how to do the projects in a correct manner

1 Full Wave Converter based Designing of Controlled Voltage Regulator
2 Microcontroller based Single Phase Sine Wave PWM H-bridge Inverter
3 Implementation of Three Phase Load Safety with Phase fault Detection by using 8051 Microcontroller
4 Static Synchronous Series Comparator based Power System Stability Enhancement
5 Artificial Neural Networks based Facts Controllers for Balance Distributed Systems
6 Direct Torque Control based on SVM with Adaptive Stator Flux Obserever for Induction Motors
7 Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers by Using Single-Phase to Three-Phase Drive Systems
8 SVM Based Control Strategy for Three Phase Voltage SourcePulse Width Modulation Rectifier
9 Nine IGBTs Based Novel Three-Phase Three Lag AC/AC Converter.
10 Designing and Implementation of a Current Source Converter for Industrial Applications of D-STATCOM
11 Automatic Power Factor for Harmonic Voltage Resonance Suppression in Distributed Systems
12 D-STATCOM based Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution System
13 Designing of a Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
14 Improving Power System Stability Using Energy Storage with a Fuzzy Logic Controller
15 Designing and Control of DC-Bus for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Renewable Converter with a Small Energy Storage Component
16 An Improved Buck Power-Factor-Correction Converter with a High-Power-Factor
17 A Mode Switching Control Designing for Fast Positioning of Servo Systems by Using PMSM
18 Designing and Implementation of a Solar- PVFed-FPGA-Based Closed-Loop-Control Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter
19 Implementation of Three-Phase Power-Factor Monitoring System by Using a DSPIC
20 Peak Current Mode Control with Digital Slope Compensation by Using Microcontroller
21 Motor Protection System by Using a Programmable Logic Controller
22 Intelligent Controller Based Mathematical Modeling and Speed Control of a Sensored Brushless DC Motor
23 BLDC Motor Control Using Four Switch Three-Phase Converter without Sensor
24 Wireless Power Theft Monitoring and Indication at Local Substations with an Automatic Circuit Breaker System
25 Designing and Construction of SCADA Systems for Real-Time Electrical Parameter Controlling and Monitoring
26 Designing of High Efficiency Inverter for Hybrid Power Generation Using Hydel,Solar and Wind
27 A Direct Drive Grid Connected Wind Energy System with Super-Capacitor Energy Storage and STATCOM
28 Sprinkler Control and Moisture Sensor Based Construction of Self Activated Irrigation Water Control System
29 8051 Microcontroller based Intelligent Lighting System at Metro Railway Stations
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