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Embedded Microcontroller Projects For Diploma

Microcontrollers are the significant components of an electronics project. They contain the command control program that needed to run the project.Takeoffgroup provides latest Microcontroller projects on embedded for diploma students.They will get real time knowledge and how to do the project in a correct manner

1 DTMF based industrial automation home automation
2 Smart card based door lock system for MNCs
3 Bidirectional Rotation of an induction motor wih a remote control device
4 Automatic room light control using PIR sensor
5 Intelligent fire detector
6 PIR sensor based human accident prevention with vehicles(auto-breaking on scanning human)
7 Coin based mobile phone charger
8 Vision based automated car parking system
9 Aero dynamic wind mill with reverse charge protection for rural areas
10 Smart card based bank security system
11 Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal miners safety purpose
12 Intelligent traffic control using IR sensor
13 Human recognition using RFID technology
14 Anti theft system for valuable items using LDR
15 Home security system using PIR sensor
16 Life cycle testing of electrical loads by down counter
17 Automatic dialing to any telephone using i2c protocol on detecting burglary
18 Networking of multiple microcontrollers
19 Line following robotic vehicle using microcontroller
20 Detecting power grid synchronization failure on sensing frequency or voltage beyond acceptable range
21 Non contact tachometer
22 Display of dialed telephone numbers on seven segment display
23 Underground cable fault distance locator
24 Cell phone based DTMF Controlled garage door opening system
25 BLDC motor speed controller with rpm display
26 Predefined speed control of BLDC motor
27 CYCLO converter using THYRISTOR
28 Distance measurement by using ultrasonic sensors
29 Portable programmable medication remainder
30 Ir obstacle detection to actual load
31 Programmable energy meter for electrical load survey
32 Sun tracking solar panel
33 Security system with user changeable password
34 Dish positioning system control by IR remote
35 Stamp value calculator for postage needs
36 Speed checker to detect rash driving on highways
37 inbuild lighting systems
38 Industrial temperature controller
39 Programmable ac power control
40 Dual converter using
41 Contactless liquid level controller
42 SCADA supervisory controller data acquisition for remote industrial plant
43 Automatic surveillance camera panning system for pc
44 Closed loop control for a brushless dc motor to run at the exactly entered speed
45 Using a TV remote as a cordless mouse for the computer
46 Movement sensed automatic door sensing system
47 DTMF based load control system
48 Synchronized traffic signals
49 RFID card based paid car parking
50 Auto intensity control for street lights
51 Programmable switching control for industrial automation in repetitive nature of work
52 Precise digital temperature control
53 Optimum energy management system
54 Four quadrant dc motor speed control with microcontroller
55 Pre stampede monitoring and alarm system
56 Pc based electrical load control
57 Bidirectional rotation of an induction motor with a remote control device
58 Precise illumination control of lamp
59 Speed controlled unit designing for a dc motor
60 Speed and direction controller of electric dc motor using smart phone
61 SMS based weather report
62 Electric motor speed control system with clockwise and anti clockwise direction
63 Radio frequency based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it
64 Construction of electrical oven temperature monitoring and controlling with time management
65 Active door and load controlling system using sensors
66 Auto door code lock
67 Automatic rail way gate control using microcontroller
68 GPS and microcontroller based location display on LCD display
69 Implementation of mobile based hi tech door locking system
70 Industrial conveyer belt for object counting system
71 Home security robot prevent theft
72 Radio frequency based industrial wireless control system
73 Real time pedestratian detection and tracking at night time for driver assistance system
74 Remote controlled bomb disposable robot
75 RF based multiple device control using single remote
76 RFID based book tracking system in libraries
77 Secure wireless data communication
78 Wireless digital code lock with a status display
79 Power devices operated through movement sensor an effective fault governing on universal motor
80 Distribution transmission line voltage monitoring and alert systemr
81 Temp based speed controlling of frezle(exhaust) fan
82 Integrated chip based electrical equipments access control system
83 Intelligent street light operation and status through mobile phone
84 An efficient power saver for street lights using LDR and RTC
85 Electrical plant boiler temperature and water level monitor and control
86 Dynamic temperature adjustable system and load controlling using triac
87 Multi zone temperature monitoring with voice announcement system
88 Industrial devices operated through wireless technology
89 Handheld computer based speed controlling of dc motor
90 Smart card based access control system for power devices
91 Supervising & mechanization of agricultural field environment
92 Acceleration operating of dc motor through IR
93 Automatic gate operating and vehicles counting in corporate companies
94 Checking and auto control of water level using wireless sensor
95 Speed moderate of dc motor through remote device
96 Season based street light control system
97 Implementation of PWM technique for electric motor using h bridge
98 Efficient energy utilization in corporate field with PIR sensor
99 Design and development of water sprinkler system for plants
100 Microcontroller based vehicles speed display for highways
101 Speed variation of dc motor using PWM motor
102 Highly sensitive biomedical digital heart beat monitoring system
103 Infrared Remote controlled High Voltage device switching with Electromagnetic Relay using AT89S52 MCU
104 16 X 2 LCD interfacing in 4 bit method
105 PC based Appliances control in a plant
106 Communicating to 89S52 MCU through windows hyper terminal using RS 232 communication
107 Super sensitive Industrial Security System with Auto dialer and 60dB loud siren
108 Coin operated fortune telling system with dancing LED effect
109 Embedded Quiz monitoring system with team performance evaluation
110 Programmable temperature monitor and controller for industrial boilers & ovens
111 High sensitive LDR based power saver for street light control system
112 Embedded rigging free Electronic Voting System with instant results
113 Automatic Temperature based Fan Speed Controller
114 Embedded Automatic Car Parking System using AT89C51 MCU
115 High sensitive IR based Unmanned Railway Gate Control using AT89C51 Microcontroller
116 Automatic Room Light control with Visitor Counting for power saving applications in seminar halls
117 Embedded automatic two gate interlock for toll tax system
118 DC Motor speed control using PWM Technique
119 Electronic Notice Board with LCD and PS2 key board interfacing for user friendly message entry
120 DTMF based Industrial automation and appliances control system for rural and agriculture applications
121 Auto turn off for water pump with four different time slots for power saving applications
122 GSM based building automation
123 Embedded security system (key pad and LCD display)
124 Home or office security system
125 Electronic eye with security system
126 Attendance system using RFID
127 Super intelligent robot using smoke sensors and light dependent resistor
128 RFID based guide for tourists
129 Electronic voting machine
130 Secured wireless data communication (at89s52)
131 SMS based automated room system
132 Solar tracking system
133 Microcontroller based intelligent traffic light system
134 Monitor and control of greenhouse environment greenbee
135 Fire monitor using microcontroller
136 Friendly home automation system using cell phone
137 Embedded password based security door lock system using 89s52
138 Electronic house a well equipped modern house
139 Digital code lock with voice output
140 Automatic advanced railway gate control system
141 Development of embedded system for energy saving of street light
142 Implementation of mobile based hitech door locking system
143 Industrial protection system using smoke sensor
144 Interfacing 4x4 matrix key pad to micro controller
145 Microcontroller based digital clock with alarm
146 Time operated electrical appliance controlling system(stair case lighting)
147 RFID based toll collection system
148 SMS based weather report system
149 Speed control of motor through cell phone
150 Traffic light controller
151 Wired robot
152 Wireless water level indicator
153 Soil moisture controller
154 Wireless equipment control using at89s52
155 DTMF controlled motor
156 GSM based industrial automation
157 Biomedical heart beat monitor with microcontroller 8051
158 A live human being detector in war fields
159 Bank locker security system
160 Digital thermometer with LCD display
161 Automatic plant irrigation (at89c2051)
162 Accident identification system
163 Multi pattern running lights (at89c2051)
164 Industrial protection system using temperature
165 Development of pc based PWM for dc motor speed control
166 Periodically on off mosquito repellent
167 Robot control using TV remote
168 Design and implementation of object counter for industrial automation
169 Pc based home automation
170 Digital up down counter (AT89S52)
171 GSM based home security system
172 E -Cash Pay Off For Fuel Station
173 Autonomous Vehicle with Obstacle Detection
174 Automatic Car Dash Board
175 Password Based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller
176 Metal Detector Robot using 8051 Microcontroller
177 Fingerprint based Biometric Attendance System
178 Bidirectional Visitor Counter using 8051 Microcontroller
179 Sun Tracking Solar Panel
180 Line Following Robot using Microcontroller
181 RFID based Attendance System
182 Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
183 Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement
184 Digital Temperature Sensor
185 Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances
186 Wireless Electronic Notice Board using Microcontroller and GSM
187 Digital Tachometer using 8051 Microcontroller
188 8 Channel Quiz Buzzer Circuit using Microcontroller
189 5 Channel IR Remote Control System using Microcontroller
190 Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller
191 PWM based DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller
192 Water Level Controller using 8051 Microcontroller
193 Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller
194 Digital Voltmeter using 8051 Microcontroller
195 Ultrasonic Rangefinder using 8051 Microcontroller
196 Stepper Motor Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller
197 Interfacing 7 Segment Display to 8051
198 LC Meter using 555 Timer
199 DC Motor Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller
200 2 Digit Up Down Counter
201 DTMF Based Home Automation System Circuit
202 Bipolar LED Driver Circuit
203 Celsius Scale Thermometer using AT89C51
204 Water Level Indicator
205 How to Interface Real Time Clock with PIC16F
206 Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System
207 Boolean Algebra Calculator
208 Interfacing GSM to 8051
209 Digital Clock using RTC DS12C887 and 8051 Microcontroller
210 Random Number Generator using 8051
211 Delay using 8051 Timers
212 Interfacing GPS with 8051 Microcontroller
213 A PIC Sonar (Ultrasonic) Range Finder Using a Seven Segment Display
214 Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations
215 Automated Town Water Management System Using PIC
216 Automation of Cars Using Embedded Systems Technology
217 Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)
218 Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller in Traffic Using RF Signal
219 A Long-Range Computational RFID Tag for Temperature and Acceleration Sensing Applications
220 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
221 Bank Locker Security System
222 Bidirectional Visitor Counter Using IR sensors
223 Car parking monitoring system
224 Cell Phone Controlled Robot with Fire Detection Sensors
225 Dual Mode Robot: Obstacle Detector and RF Controlled
226 Density Based Traffic Signal System using 8051 Microcontroller
227 Embedded System Based Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles
228 Embedded Surveillance System Using PIR Sensor
229 Four Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control with Microcontroller
230 Head Movement Controlled Human-Computer Interface
231 Industrial Automation Using Speech Recognition with Wireless Monitoring
232 Image Processing Based Toll Automation Using ANPR
233 Integrated Mine Safety Monitoring and Alerting System Using ZigBee & Can Bus
234 Library Automation Using RFID
235 Microcontroller based Digital Over voltage Protection system for Home Use
236 Power Saver for Industries & Commercial Establishments
237 Pattern Recognition Using IR
238 PIC Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System
239 Railway Track Security System
240 Rotary Automated Car Parking System
241 RFID and GPS Combination Approach Implementation in Fisher Boat Tracking System
242 Real Time Patient Monitoring System Based On ECG Signals
243 Sound Localizing Camera
244 Smart Water Tank Pump Switcher
245 Smart Card for Banking with Highly Enhanced Security System
246 Smart Metering and Home Automation Solutions for Next Decade Using ZigBee Technology
247 Safety Timer for Home Appliances
248 Speed Control Unit Designed for a DC Motor
249 Solar Powered Auto irrigation System
250 Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation Embedded System Project
251 Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors in Industries
252 Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management
253 The Design of the Scene of the Accident Alarm System Based on ARM and GPS
254 Using TV Remote as a Cordless Mouse for the Computer
255 Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
256 Ultra-Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker
257 Wireless Home Automation System with Multiple Sensors
258 Wireless Control of Pick and Place Robotic Arm Using an Android Application
259 Wireless Gesture-Controlled Robot
260 ZigBee Based Remote Monitoring of Temperature and Relative Humidity Using PIC>
261 Embedded System Based Submersible Motor Control for Agricultural Irrigation Using GSM
262 Missile Detection by Ultrasonic and Auto Destroy System
262 Gesture Recognition Based Wireless control Using MEMS
263 Water Level Controller using 8051 Microcontroller for detecting and controlling water levels in overhead tanks
264 Car Parking Guard Circuit Using Infrared Sensor so that the driver can drive the car backwards without hitting any obstacle or walls
265 Cell phone detector using a simple circuit for detecting presence of an active cell phone.
266 Bidirectional Visitor Counter using 8051 for counting number of people entering and leaving a room and illuminating that space; it uses sensors to make out the number of people in a certain space at a certain moment
267 Password based Circuit Breaker using the 8051 controller to switch off power supply by entering passwords
268 Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller useful in home applications and in CPUs to reduce heat
269 Digital Tachometer using 8051 Microcontroller to measure speed accurately
270 Line Following Robotic Circuit using ATMega8 Microcontroller
271 Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
272 5 Channel IR Remote Control System using Microcontroller:
273 Bipolar LED Driver Circuit Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller
274 Automatic Washroom Light Switch that automatically turns on and turns off the washroom lights depending on when a person enters and leaves the washroom
275 Water Level Indicator to detect and indicate water levels in overhead tanks
276 Automatic Door Bell With Object Detection that senses the presence of an object outside the door
277 Password Based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller
278 Auto Night Lamp using High Power LED
279 Panic Alarm for intimating others about an unpleasant situation
280 Wire Loop Breaking Alarm for checking broken wires and shorting of wires
281 Automatic Plant Irrigation System
282 Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit which dissipates very less energy and can deliver high current
283 Motion Detector Circuit used as intruder alarm
284 2 Digit Up Down Counter for increasing values on seven segment displays by pressing a button
285 Camouflaged Voice Recording and Transmitting System
286 Burglar alarm based Home Security System
287 Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device
288 Beeper and Visual Indicator
289 Doorbell Circuit
290 Electronics Clapper
291 Flasher with Beeper
292 Intruder Alarm
293 Man Machine Sound Generator
294 Mains Trigger Music Door Bell
295 Melody Doorbell
296 Multi Sound Generator
297 Simple Electronics Siren
298 Simple Siren using Dual OP-AMP
299 Single Chip Memory Call bell
300 Wireless Controlled Doorbell
301 Motor Bike Brake Horn
302 Low-cost Touch Sensitive Switch
303 Multi-way switch
304 AC Mains Voltage Indicator
305 Anti Bag Snatching Alarm
306 Electronics Motor Controller
307 Electronics Thermometer
308 Fridge Alert System
309 Infrared Remote Controller
310 Infrared Remote Control Switch
311 LED-Based Reading Lamp
312 Light Dimmer
313 Light Sensitive Switch
314 Microphone Amplifier
315 Motor Protection
316 Automatic Dipper For Vehicles
317 Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan
318 Battery Voltage Monitor
319 Bridge Power Audio Amplifier
320 Car Reverse Horn
321 Co-axial Cable Tester
322 Direction Indicator
324 Multi Switch Controlled Relay
325 Noise Meter
326 Advanced LED Temperature Indicator
327 Clap Operated Remote Control for Fans
328 Counter Circuit | Digital Counter
329 Device Switching Using Password
330 Digital DC Motor Speed Controller
331 Electronic Vehicle Identification in the Intelligent City
332 Electronic Passport Using RFID
333 Electronic Number Lock
334 Electricity Theft Monitoring System
335 Efficient Coding Technique for Aerospace Tele-Command System
336 Electric Guitar Preamplifier
337 Ethernet Controller
338 Electronic Card- Lock System
339 Emergency Light
340 Intelligent Railway Station Monitoring and Alert System
341 Industrial Devices Operating System Using Mobile
342 Industrial Security with Alert System Using Fire Sensor
343 Induction Motor Speed Control Using Power Electronic Drives (TRIAC)
344 Improvement in Dynamic Response of AC Motors with PID and Fuzzy Logic Based Controllers
345 Improvement in Dynamic Response of DC Motor with PID and Fuzzy Logic Based Controllers
346 Indirect Vector Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor Drive by Using Hysteresis Band Controller
347 Inverter Fed D-Q Modeling Of 3-Phase Induction Motor
348 Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
349 Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for Car
350 Involuntary Train Collision Prevention System
351 Implementation of Content Based Watermark
352 Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking and Traction Control
353 Power Supply Resumption Alarm
354 Voltage Stepper
355 Plant Tender
356 Doorbell Controlled Porch Light
357 Electronics Portable Organ
358 Electronics Street Light Switch
359 Fuse and Power Failure Indicator
360 IC Tester
361 Mobile Cell phone Charger
362 Gas Leakage Information System Using Robot
363 DTMF Controlled Robot without microcontroller for industries and surveillance systems
364 Bluetooth-controlled home appliances
365 Metal detecting robot
366 Auto intensity control of street lights
367 Password based Circuit Breaker
368 IR sensors for measuring traffic density
369 Phone controlled load management system
370 Cell phone controlled home appliance switches using PIC microcontroller
371 Garage door lifting mechanism using the cell phone
372 Auto Dialing on Detecting Burglary using I2C Protocol
373 Vehicle Theft Location Intimation by GPS to the car owner
374 Vehicle tracking by GPS/ GSM
375 Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Interface
376 GSM-based electricity energy meter billing with an on-site display
377 Detecting Power Theft before feeding energy Meter and Intimating to Control Room by GSM
378 PC mouse-operated electrical load control using VB Application
379 PC Controlled Surveillance Camera
380 Scrolling Message Display by LCD from PC Terminal
381 Electrical Load Control from PC Terminal
382 Wireless Home Appliance like Fan Speed Control using RF Communication
383 RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Laser Beam Arrangement
384 Car Parking Management by RFID
385 RFID Security Access Control System
386 Unique Office Communication System using RF
387 RFID based Electronic Passport System for Easy Governance using Arduino
388 Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through GSM by SMS with User Programmable Number Features by the Station Master or the driver
389 Zigbee Technology based Home Appliances Controlling through Spoken Commands Using Handheld Devices
390 ARM Cortex (STM32) based Solar Street Light
391 Innovative Car Park System integrated with NFC technology and e-Wallet function
392 Contactless Liquid Level Controller
393 GSM based patient monitoring system
394 3D flash LIDAR video camera for tracking and multi-target detection
395 Automatic vehicle parking and hacking intimation
396 Wheelchair Motion Control Using Eye Gaze and Blinks
397 Control Of Environmental Parameters In A Green House
398 GSM-based Irrigation System
399 Microcontroller Based Temperature Monitoring & Control
400 Function Generator using a microcontroller
401 Microcontroller-based Substation Monitoring and control System
402 Microcontroller-based Generator/Alternator Control and Monitoring System.
403 Electrical Data (voltage, current, frequency etc…) Logger (SCADA)
404 Microcontroller based single phasing preventer
405 Automatic Rotor Resistance Controller using Microcontroller
406 Digital Vehicle Dash Board
407 Construction of microcontroller based Touchscreen Mobile Phone with Password protected features
408 Universal Remote Control with Haptic Interface
409 Touch Screen GLCD based Digital Devices Control System
410 MEMS Accelerometer based tilt operated Graphical LCD and memory stick based textbook reading system
411 Evaluation of tongue drive system by individuals with high-level spinal cord injury
412 GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System
413 USB Memory Stick Data Logger. Measured values are stored in to a USB Pen Drive.
414 Microcontroller-based GPS Data Logger into MMC/SD Card.
415 Triac and optically isolated diac based electrical oven temperature monitoring and controlling system with zero-crossing detector
416 Virtual wireless dancing bells for classical dancers
417 Touchscreen based temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD.
418 Location driven car audio player
419 GPS based asset/vehicle/animal/child tracking system
420 Automatic Closed loop tire pressure monitoring and control system
421 Microcontroller and Touchscreen based wireless library book catalog system.
422 Touchscreen based Nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired.
423 Touchscreen-controlled lamp dimmer for modern day apartments
424 Soil moisture sensor-based intelligent irrigation water pump controlling system with GSM technology
425 DTMF mobile phone controlled dam water gates controlling system with high-level protection
426 Automatic plant watering system
427 Digital tachometer
428 Digital Multimeter
429 Automatic room lighting control
430 Microcontroller based Heartbeat Monitor with Display On Computer
431 Wireless Heartbeat Sensor (GSM based)
432 Wi-Fi and TFT Color LCD based wireless home automation
433 Remote Control of PC/Computer using GSM Modem or Cell Phone.
434 Advanced vehicle tracking and automatic crash notification using GPS and GSM technology with Location Name as SMS
435 Touchscreen based Ordering System for Restaurants
436 Wearable technology for wireless gadgets control
437 Highways electronic toll collection system
438 RFID-based library management system
439 Finger print based bank locker system
440 Finger print based driving license management system
441 Finger print-based voting mechanism for rigging free elections
442 Voice based vehicle control
443 Voice controlled robot
444 Automated ambulance control
445 Fire alarm and prevention robot
446 Wireless target recognition and counter attacking robot with laser gun
447 Ultrasonic distance meter
448 Wireless voltage monitoring system
449 Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
450 RFID Based Passport Details
451 Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller
452 Discotheque Light Stroboscopic Flasher
453 Automatic Bell System for Institutions
454 Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
455 RFID Based Device Control and Authentication Using PIC Microcontroller
456 Theft Intimation of Vehicle Over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine Remotely
457 Street Light that Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement
458 Density Based Traffic Signal System Using PIC Microcontroller
459 Solar Energy Measurement System
460 Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways
461 Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between stations
462 An Electrical Equipment Access Control System that Uses Integrated Chip
463 Designing of Anti-Theft Control System by Using Embedded System
464 Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based Design and Implementation of Security System Using Microcontroller
465 IR Sensor based Car Parking Guard Circuit
466 Designing and Implementation of 8051 Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock System with Alarm
467 Universal Computing for Smart Classrooms Embedded with Nanotechnology Services
468 Voice Communication System Based on Laser LED
469 Designing and Implementation of Haptic Interface System for the Disabled Individuals
470 Wireless Communication Using Log Periodic Dipole Antenna
471 PC based Moving Message Display Using AT89C52 Microcontroller
472 ADC Microcontroller Based Voice Recorder
473 Implementation of Rotating Electromagnetic Fields for Crack Detection in Railway Tracks
474 Designing of Analog-to- Digital Converter for Non-Unifrom Quantization
475 Microcontroller Based Speed Factory Autoamted Checkpoint Log System for Bike Races
476 PWM and Single Phase Controlled Rectifier based Harmonic Analysis of Separately Excited DC Motor Drives
477 AT89S52 Microcontroller Based Advanced User Controlled Roof Top Antenna Signal Tracking System
478 Energy Generation System for Emergency Headlamp Applications for Mining Workers and Engineers who Work Underground and in Dark Conditions
479 8051 Microcontroller Based Turbidity Meter
480 Wireless Technology Based Innovative Hidden Things Locator System
481 Touch Screen based Designing of Electric Shock Proof System for Controlling Electrical Appliances
482 Real-Time Clock and I2C Protocol Based Electronic Calendar by using 8051 Microcontroller
483 SMS Controlled Industrial Controller
484 Hybrid RFID-GPS-Based Terminal System In Vehicular Communications
485 Railway Security Monitoring System Using GSM Technology
486 Mobile Embedded Systems For Home Care Applications
487 GPRS Based Industrial Monitoring
488 UPS Battery Management For Industries Using GSM
489 SMS Based Patient Monitoring System
490 GPRS Based Motor Speed Control
491 Gas Leak Detection
492 Driverless Car
493 Solar Based Traffic Light Control System
494 First Aid Android In Defence
495 Automatic Auditorium Controller
496 Remote Measurement And Control System For Greenhouse
497 Solar Cell Tester
498 Moving Person Detection System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
499 Gesture Control
500 Accident Avoidance Systems in Blind Carvel
501 Automatic Room Light Controller
502 MC Based Multipurpose Student Smart Card
503 Electronic Voting Machine
504 Metal Detector
505 Microcontroller Based Intelligent Traffic Controller System
506 Accident Alert in Modern Traffic System with Camera
507 Accident prevention systems
508 Voice Controlled Robot with Fire Extinguisher
509 Automatic Plant Irrigation System
510 Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control
511 RTC Based Timer For Motor Control
512 Prepaid Energy Meter
513 Accident Alert and Auto Dialer in Modern Traffic
514 Embedded Based Accident Alert
515 Automatic Street Light Control
516 Electric Power from Wind Mill
517 Environment Monitoring System
518 Inbuilt UPS for PC
519 AC Motor Speed Monitoring & Controlling Through Telephone
520 Enhancing Public Transportation
521 RFID Based Book Tracking System For Libraries
522 Mobile Based Earth Quake Detection
523 Mobile Tracking System Using GPS
524 Moving Message Display
525 Smart Home Monitoring System For Elderly
526 Bluetooth Based Robotic Controller
527 Door Control Using RFID
528 Coin Based Mineral Water System
529 Wireless Sensor Network for Tsunami Prediction System
530 Ambulance Route Search Based On The Internet
531 Embedded Based Automatic College Bell System
532 Attendance Manager Using Electronic Card
533 Electronic Letter Box
534 Car Overspeed Detector
535 SMS Based Electronics Notice Board
536 Digital Calendar
537 Auto Door Open
538 Fire Fighting Robot
539 Hand-Glove Controlled Wheel Chair
540 Prepaid Energy Meter
541 Home Automation Using DTMF Decoder
542 Infrared Remote Control
543 Temperature Monitoring System
544 Vehicle Speed Sensing and Smoke Detecting System
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