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Embedded Analog Projects For Diploma

Analog Projects is useful for Diploma students.They can get Latest Projects on Analog from it will help to do the projects in a proper manner

1 Aero Dynamic Wind Mill with Reverse Charge Protection For Rural Power Generation Applications
2 Intelligent Fire Detector with automatic water sprinkler system air blower to avoid fire accidents
3 Industrial electrical appliances control system using IR remote TSOP 1738 IR Receiver module
4 Solar based mobile charger for rural areas (Charge your mobile anywhere with sunlight)
5 Renewable Energy management Solar based lighting system with inverter and CFL lamp load
6 Solar tracking system
7 Assistive technology implementation of high sensitive intelligent Blind Stick to assist visually challenged
8 Automization agriculture system using mobile phone
9 Solar based E Uniform for Soldiers who work at extreme high temperature or extreme low temperature
10 Foot step power generation system for rural energy application to run AC and DC loads
11 H Bridge implementation for DC motor direction control for robotic applications
12 Coin based mobile phone charger
13 Coin based water dispenser
14 IR based intelligent highway lighting system
15 Intelligent gas detector
16 Automatic room light control upon human presence
17 Automatic night lamp with morning alarm
18 Intelligent automatic Plant irrigation system with water pump control based on soil moisturizing condition
19 Automatic Public water tap control system
20 Sensor based automatic door lock system
21 Automatic stair case lighting system
22 Home automation using mobile phone
23 Bank cash box guard with alert
24 Man less railway gate
25 Smoke detector
26 Coin based toll gate system
27 Home security system
28 Water level indicator with alarm
29 Hand cranked dynamo based energy generation system for emergency headlamp applications for
30 Co2 monitoring in green house
31 Electrical power generation using speed breaker
32 Micro inverter for CFL lamps
33 Automatic heat detector
34 Diamond security system
35 Electronic letter box
36 Automatic door lock system using tv remote
37 Solar based cool cap
38 Water level controller
39 Dark activated switch
40 Periodically on off mosquito repeller
41 Solar lighting system
42 Voice transmission using frequency modulation technique for college radio application
43 High sensitive metal detector for detecting metal objects
44 Rainbow clock
45 Farmer friendly solar based electrical fence for rural agriculture
46 Error free sound activated door open (triggers the load on second clap sound)
47 High sensitive electronic ear(hearing aid)
48 Clap based digital volume control
49 Communication through laser beam
50 Laser activated switch
51 Triac based Ac motor speed control system
52 Intelligent automatic street light control system using high sensitivity LDR
53 Fire alarm using thermistor
54 Laser guided door opener
55 Sensitive temperature switch
56 Traffic light controller with pre determined time
57 Level indicator for petrol dispensing stations
58 High way alert signal lamp
59 Water activated relay
60 Sound operated switch
61 Door opening alarm
62 Sensor based door lock
63 Controlled lighting inside the house upon human presence
64 Solar automatic traffic and street light controller
65 DTMF telephone operated electrical appliances
66 Motion sensor for security light
67 Solar air cooler
68 Solar lighting system with auto tracking
69 Solar powered automatic railway gate controller
70 Solar fan with lighting system
71 High sensitive alcohol sensor with auto car ignition disable function
72 RF based wire less remote control
73 Theft preventer alarms
74 Renewable energy management solar based lighting system with inverter and CFL lamp load
75 High sensitive LPG sensor with gas leak alert buzzer
76 Transformer less switch mode power supply circuit
77 Rain detector
78 Led torch using max660
79 Simple water temperature indicator
80 Coin operated milk dispensing system using IR sensor
81 Auto charging grinding machine with solar power
82 Solar intelligent vehicle(car)
83 Mining safety implementation of Electronic Nose to detect dangerous gases
84 Solar powered automatic rain operated wiper
85 Solar air cooler with auto tracking
86 High Sensitive LDR based Automatic night lamp with morning alarm
87 Versatile emergency lamp
88 Solar powered bomb detecting robot
89 Low cost electronic quiz buzzer
90 Electrical power generation using speed breaker
91 Mobile phone detector(mobile bug)
92 Stair case lighting system
93 Intelligent solar emergency lighting system
94 Design of IR transmitter and IR receiver for Shopping malls using Comparator
95 Mail box alerting system by using 555 Timer
96 Controlling of digital device with digital input to 555 Timer
97 Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment
98 Implementation of Automatic Gate Controller and Vehicles Counter in Corporate Companies
99 Water Pump Controller Using a Timer and Level Sensor
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