Btech/BE Embedded Wireless Sensor Network Projects

A Wireless sensor network can describe as a network of devices that can communicate the information collected from a monitored field through wireless links. The data is delivered through multiple nodes, and with a gateway, the data is associated to other networks.latest wireless sensor network projects for btech final year students from takeoffgroup.Students can get knowledge about list of various embedded based wireless sensor network projects

1 Wireless sensor based health care system using genetic based bio metric security
2 Patient health monitoring system using wireless sensor networks using ZigBee wireless communication protocol
3 Home based patient health monitoring system using wireless communication over web servers
4 Dangerous gas monitoring system in vehicles using wireless sensor networks
5 ZigBee based Body temperature, blood pressure and sugar monitoring of patient using wireless communication
6 Patient health monitoring system using Accelerometer
7 Brain control wheel chair for disabled people using microcontroller and wireless communication
8 Intelligent wheelchair for disabled person controlled with hand gestures
9 Automatic position digital photo frame based on accelerometer
10 Self-balancing robot. Using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
11 Controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
12 Vibration monitoring system of industrial equipment’s using wireless communication
13 wireless gadgets control with Wearable technology
14 Secure access control system with motion based password using Wearable Technology
15 controlled PC using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
16 Tilt operated touch free mobile phone using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer
17 Automatic fall detection and monitoring for old persons using wireless communication
18 voice enabled wireless device switching for disabled person using head movement
19 Based heartbeat monitoring of multiple patients using Wireless touch screen
20 Heartbeat Monitor with Display on pc using Microcontroller
21 Heart beat monitoring system with display on LCD
22 Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alarming system
23 card based patient data monitoring system using microcontroller and data storage in SD card
24 Hand Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheelchair
25 Automatic ambulance rescue system
26 An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen with a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm forHandwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition
27 MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand Gesture Recognition
28 Human Postures Recognition Based on D-S Evidence Theory and Multisensor Data Fusion
29 Centralized Heart Rate Monitoring Telemetry System Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor
30 A Low-Cost Hand Gesture Human-Computer Interaction System
31 Centralized Heart Rate Monitoring Telemetry System Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor
32 Ultrasonic Spectacles and Waist-belt for Visually Impaired and Blind Person
33 An Intelligent Blind Rod and Navigation Platform Based on ZigBee Technology
34 MATLAB GUI controlled Home/Industrial Automation
35 Heart beat signal monitoring on PC using MATLAB
36 Implementation of PC based Biological System
37 Biometric Voting Machine
38 Intruder Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Networks
39 User independent voice commands based robot control with remote voice and image transmission
40 Advanced and Intelligent wheel chair control system for leg amputees using Joystick
41 An Intelligent Blind Rod and Navigation Platform
42 Embedded based Wireless Neuron-Muscular Stimulator with Intensity Control
43 PC controlling wirelessly using tongue motion
44 Real-time pantry information system using ZigBee
45 Design and construction of voice operated mobile phone for people with no hands
46 Tongue controlled speaking robot for paralyzed/physically handicapped persons
47 Home Security with Voice Alerts & Virtual Keypad Authentication
48 Stimulation of paralyzed muscle using IR with intensity varying features
49 Pedestrian Navigation System with Fall Detection and Energy Expenditure Calculation
50 Remote patient monitoring system with GPRS and website based communication
51 Advanced BMI Calculator with under and over weight alerts
52 Retrieval of Patient’s Record using Computing Technology and GUI
53 Heart-rate analyzer on color GLCD using Pic microcontroller
54 Activity monitoring system using Dynamic Time Warping for the elderly and disabled People
55 Ethernet based medical parameters monitoring system
56 Body movement recognition and alerting system based on Flex sensor
57 Wireless control of powered devices with tongue motion using Zigbee based communication
58 Indoor wireless person tracking and voice enabled announcement system using wireless sensor networks Zigbee
59 Blood pressure blood glucose level monitoring on LCD and using GSM module
60 Heart rate monitoring and alerting system using wireless communication with WiFi based Wireless
61 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients monitoring system with immediate action in emergencies using speech recognition and Zigbee technologies
62 Attender calling system using IR communication with TV remote
63 Speech recognition based Wheel chair with elevated features
64 patient data monitoring using RFID based wireless communication
65 GSM Based induction motor parameters measurement system
66 GSM Based induction motor speed control system
67 Speed control of dc motor through GSM
68 closed loop speed control of dc motor through GSM
69 Remote monitoring system through GSM
70 GSM Based home security system using GSM
71 Home automation system using GSM
72 GSM Based patient health care system heart beat senor, temperature sensor and glucose monitoring
73 Automatic accident protection using GSM
74 Gsm based gas leakage detection system
75 wireless notice board using GSM module
76 Sms based device control system like fans, lights and other household devices
77 Home security system with automatic calling to police station and home owner
78 Intelligent electricity billing and cut off system for energy through GSM
79 Automatic ads display system on ads notice boards
80 water level detector using gsm
81 Automatic billing of water using gsm
82 Automatic patient health care system
83 Patient ECG transfer to doctor automatically through gsm
84 Real time data acquisition system through gsm
85 Weather monitoring system using gsm
86 Border security system with gsm
87 Auto irrigation system through sms
88 SMS based voting system using gsm module
89 Industrial devices monitoring system
90 Fire monitoring and control system using sms and gsm
91 Industrial automation system using gsm module and password protection
92 8051 based wireless automated messaging system using gsm
93 Security system with voice control through gsm and speech reorganization
94 Wireless heart beat sensor using gsm
95 wireless temperature sensor using gsm
96 wireless pressure sensor using gsm and microcontroller
97 Wireless power generation monitoring system through gsm
98 wireless solar panel energy measurement system using gsm module and microcontroller
99 Home appliances control system through voice and gsm
100 Vehicle gas leakage and petrol leakage detector using gsm and microcontroller
101 Vehicle position monitoring system with gsm and gps module
102 UPS battery parameters monitoring system over sms
103 Automatic fan control speed system with temperature sensor and gsm module
104 Students results declaration system using gsm
105 Students automatic assignments announcement system using gsm and pic microcontroller
106 SMS based home security system
107 SMS based industrial security system
108 SMS based supervisory control and acquisition system for industry
109 GSM based speed control of AC motor using thyristors and firing angle control circuit
110 GSM operated line follower robot
111 GSM controlled obstacle avoidance robot
112 GSM controlled fighting robot
113 GSM controlled fire extinguisher robot
114 GSM operated table solver robot
115 Remote control of production system for industry using gsm
116 wireless real-time home control system using gsm and ZigBee
117 Railway security system using gsm
118 School gate security using gsm
119 Railway track monitoring system using gsm
120 Railway accident protection system using gps and gsm modules
121 Prepaid electricity billing system using gsm module
122 Green house monitoring and controlling with sms using gsm module
123 vending machine control system with sms
124 UPS protection system with sms
125 House wiring protection system and control with gsm
126 Accident informed system using gsm module
127 Vehicle engine control system in case of theft using gsm
128 Automatic meter reading for electricity bills using gsm module
129 Automatic AC controller using gsm and temperature sensor
130 Home automation system through call
131 Credit card and debit card security system with single sms using gsm module
132 Regular sms report of industrial production of different things using gsm module
133 Vehicle fuel monitoring system using gsm module
134 Dam water controlling system using gsm
135 Generator real and reactive power control system using gsm
136 Transmission lines parameters monitoring system using gsm
137 Automatic power factor improvement of industrial load using gsm module
138 Power factor monitoring system for transmission lines using gsm module
139 Solar panels parameters measurement system and monitoring using gsm module
140 Rain level monitoring system using gsm module
141 GSM based notice board with graphical liquid crystal display
142 GSM based substation monitoring system and protection system
143 Weather monitoring system through gsm module
144 Towards an isochronous wireless communication system for industrial automation
145 Magnetically coupled wireless communication for buried environmental sensor
146 Wireless communication integrated active noise control system for infant incubators
147 A Study on Visitors Tracking Method Using Wireless Communication
148 The implementation of multi-micro-controller communication system based on RF1101 wireless module
149 Intelligent vehicle monitoring system using wireless communication
150 Technologies and networks supporting maritime wireless mesh communications
151 A novel communication-based train control (CBTC) system with cooperative wireless relaying
152 Enabling Mobile Devices for Home Automation Using ZigBee
153 Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors
154 Performance evaluation of Wireless Sensor Networks based on ZigBee technology in smart home
155 Water environment monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network
156 Wireless remote monitor and control system based on Zigbee and web
157 Metro overhead tanks monitoring system using ZigBee based WSN
158 Automatic speed and torque monitoring in induction motors using ZigBee and SMS
159 Health monitoring solution using dedicated ZigBee sensor network
160 Robust home automation scheme using cognitive ZigBee network
161 Design of household control system based on ZigBee, GSM and TCP/IP protocol
162 Controlling and monitoring process in industrial automation using Zigbee
163 ZigBee wireless sensor network for radiation monitoring at nuclear facilities
164 Research on mobile robot perceptual system based on Zigbee
165 Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee Wireless Network
166 The Generic Design of a High Traffic Advance Metering Infrastructure Using ZigBee
167 An integrity monitoring system for substation connections using ZigBee wireless sensor network
168 ZigBee and ATmega32 based wireless digital control and monitoring system For LED lighting
169 Performance analysis of ZigBee based Load Control and power monitoring system
170 An automated cloud based vehicular emission control system using Zigbee
171 Real Time Wireless Monitoring and Control of Water Systems Using Zigbee 802.15.4
172 Design of ZigBee based WSN for smart demand responsive home energy management system
173 Environment monitoring and early warning system of facility agriculture based on heterogeneous wireless networks
174 Attendant robot for elderly service using sensor network system
175 Design of Home Automation Network based on CC2530
176 Passenger BUS alert system for easy navigation of blind
177 Instrumentation for safe vehicular flow in intelligent traffic control systems using wireless networks
178 A pollution monitoring system with hybrid wireless transmission
179 A Smart and Contemporary Home Security System using 802.15.4 standard
180 A fault preventive wireless sensor sewer system for urban infrastructure management infusing embedded systems
181 Autonomous wireless sensor network for greenhouse environmental conditions monitoring
182 An Icing On-Line Monitoring System of Transmission Lines Based on WSN
183 Wireless based load control and power monitoring system
184 Design of electronic shelf label systems based on ZigBee
185 Real-time barrier lakes monitoring and warning system based on wireless sensor network
186 Connected intelligent home based on the Internet of Things
187 A low cost smart shopping facilitator for visually impaired
188 IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network application in real-time automation systems
189 An efficient Wireless Sensor Network-based water quality monitoring system
190 Integrated wireless sensor network for large scale intelligent systems
191 Low-Cost Wireless System for Measuring Energy Efficiency in Industry
192 A system for remote operation of devices: Helpful for elderly and disabled people
193 PLEMS: Plug Load Energy Management Solution for Enterprises
194 Design and deployment of a heart rate monitoring system in a senior center
195 Biomedical sensor network for cardiovascular fitness and activity monitoring
196 Remote control system of smart appliances based on wireless sensor network
197 Wireless Sensor Network for multi-storey building: Design and implementation
198 Traffic Signal Control System Based on Wireless Technology
199 Low cost ultrasonic wireless distributed security system for intrusion detection
200 Household power outlet overload protection and monitoring using cost effective embedded solution
201 A rescue-assist wireless sensor networks for large building
202 Detection and protection of the attacks to the sheep and goats using an intelligent wireless sensor network
203 TeleAssistant - Assisted living platform applied to fall detection
204 A Service-Oriented Auto Managed System for Transportation Applications
205 Wireless access control system based on IEEE 802.15.4
206 Low Cost Arduino/Android-Based Energy-Efficient Home Automation System with Smart Task Scheduling
207 Solar powered water quality monitoring system using wireless sensor network
208 En vironment monitoring and device control using ARM based embedded controlled sensor network
209 A microcontroller-based e-emergency system using wireless adhoc networks
210 A distributed, bandwidth-efficient accident prevention system for interurban
211 Fast and Secure Multihop Broadcast Solutions for Intervehicular Communication
212 Vehicular traffic monitoring using Bluetooth
213 A Common Interface for Bluetooth-based Health Monitoring Devices
214 Real-time bluetooth communication between an FPGA based embedded system and an Android phone
215 An automated student attendance tracking system using Bluetooth and IOS
216 Implementation of wireless data transmission in monitoring and control
217 Remote Monitoring System of ECG and Human Body Temperature Signals
218 Real-Time Street Parking Availability Estimation
219 A Communication-Based Appliance Scheduling Scheme for Consumer- Premise Energy Management Systems
220 Dynamic Traffic Control with Fairness and Throughput Optimization Using Vehicular Communications
221 Broadband Free Space Optical urban links for next generation infrastructures and services
222 Prototype of a PLC based communication system for residential electrical consumption measurement
223 LLCPS and SISO: A TLS-based framework with RFID for NFC P2P retail transaction processing
224 Early discovery of chronic non-attenders by using NFC attendance management system
225 An NFC based consumer-level counterfeit detection framework
226 ISCAPS - Innovative Smart Car Park System integrated with NFC technology and e-Valet function
227 An Anonymous Car Rental System Based on NFC
228 A NFC-based Concept for Medication Related Patient Services
229 NFC-enabled smartphone application for drug interaction and drug allergy detection
230 A Study on the NFC-Based Mobile Parking Management System
231 NFC identification system for fuel dispensing control on petrol station
232 Wireless Machine-to-Machine Healthcare Solution Using Android Mobile Devices in Global Networks
233 Non-Intrusive Healthcare System in Global Machine-to-Machine Networks
234 A Security Layer for Smartphone-to-Vehicle Communication Over Bluetooth
235 Enhancing vibration analysis by embedded sensor data validation technologies
236 Performance of HTTP Protocol in Networked Control Systems
237 Reconfigurable Computing in Next-Generation Automotive Networks
238 Smart Grid Infrastructure Using a Hybrid Network Architecture
239 Introduction to Industrial Control Networks
240 Accessible display design to control home area networks
241 An Optimal Power Scheduling Method for Demand Response in Home Energy Management System
242 A Communication-Based Appliance Scheduling Scheme for Consumer- Premise Energy Management Systems
243 Dynamic Traffic Control with Fairness and Throughput Optimization Using Vehicular Communications
244 Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Integrated Network of Adaptive Traffic Signal Controllers
245 Distributed Control to Ensure Proportional Load Sharing and Improve Voltage Regulation in Low-Voltage DC Microgrids
246 Design and development Of PIC microcontroller based vehicle monitoring system using Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol
247 Controller Area Network for intelligent vehicular systems
248 A CAN bus based system for monitoring and fault diagnosis in wind turbine
249 Battery management system by using CAN communication based on DSP platform
250 Locking and unlocking of theft vehicles using CAN (Theft Control System)
251 The design of a distributed control system based on CAN bus
252 Internet-Based Human-Vehicle Interface for Ubiquitous Telematics
253 Design and Implementation of a MVB Network Controller for Coal Mine Environment Monitoring
254 Online monitoring and detecting of wood drying kilns' parameters based on embedded system
255 Machine-to-Machine: Possible applications in industrial networks
256 Control of an industrial robot using Ethernet Application to a V+ running controller
257 Implementation of networked control systems using programmable controller based Ethernet network
258 Design and Implementation of Embedded Web Computer Remote Control System based on MSP430
259 The design and implementation of vehicle electrical switch box based on CAN bus
260 Identifying nodes in a master-slave-fieldbus
261 Computer Communication Within Industrial Distributed Environment
262 The Design and Development of OMRON Multi-PLC Control System Based on Multi-Net
263 The design and implementation of wireless sensor network monitoring and control system based on modbus/tcp
264 Design and development of the air conditioning system by using OPC UA specifications and Modbus protocol
265 The application and research of the liquid level control technology used in mineral flotation process which based on the modbus communication protocol
266 Development of data acquisition system for hybrid power plant using MODBUS
267 Prepaid energy meters network via power system communication
268 The implementation of PLC monitoring system based on OPC
269 Design Electric Closed-Loop of Multidrive NC Servo Control System Based on LabVIEW
270 Lab-by-wire: Fully web-based hands-on embedded systems laboratory
271 An Embedded Remote Temperature Measurement System
272 Way-finding Electronic Bracelet for visually impaired people
273 A smarter toll gate based on Web of Things
274 Proposed framework for underwater sensor cloud for environmental monitoring
275 Hybrid mine wide communication system for surveillance and safety of the miners in underground coal mines
276 Design and implementation of a on-board device for photovoltaic panels monitoring
277 Extending CAN over the air: An interconnection study with IEEE802.11
278 Building Automation and Smart Cities: An Integration Approach Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture
279 Design and development Of PIC microcontroller based vehicle monitoring system using Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol
280 Thin Client based Power and Cost efficient Servers for Automation Systems
281 Virtual Instrumentation Based Noiseless Networking For Industrial Automation
282 Thin Client Server based Tele medical system over TCP/IP Networks
283 E Virtual Panels for Global Industrial Control
284 Hierarchical Industrial networks using LIN Sub network Implementation with VI based Control Panels
285 Outdoor Visible Light Communication for inter- vehicle communication using Controller AreaNetwork
286 A Distributed Industry Networked Monitoring System Based On ARM and CAN Bus
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