Btech/BE Embedded Robotics Projects

The word Robot was first introduced by a Czech playwright Karel Capek in the year 1920.The word robot is also used to represent an intelligent mechanical device.We provide latest embedded based robotics projects for btech students.students those who are excited to learn robotics they will get a list of innovative embedded based robotics projects.It will help to get the real time knowledge

1 An unmanned mini helicopter-based aerial wireless kit for localization
2 Using Cellular Automata on Recommendation Mechanism for Smart Parking in Vehicular Environments
3 Robot to rescue of a child in a borehole
4 Robot controlling using GUI and Audio Video capturing using MATLAB
5 Material handling robot controlling through wireless Zigbee using MATLAB
6 Fire detection and automatic controlling using Image processing
7 Fire detection based on Image processing with wireless video camera
8 Automated Vehicle safety system to avoid accidents
9 Smart zone based Vehicle speed control system based on RF and DTMF
10 Intelligently navigable Robotic vehicle for Industries using compass and RFID
11 War field wireless spying Robot with live human and explosive detection having sharp shooting weapon
12 Robot controlling wirelessly through Wi-Fi technology
13 FAMPER robot with Video transmission and head lamp vision
14 Artificial vision systems for the blind using ultrasonic wave
15 Vehicle Anti collision using Ultrasonic signals
16 Automatic Head light Intensity control for vehicles to avoid accidents
17 Tongue driven speaking wheel chair with wireless device control
18 PC controlled wireless Pick and Place Speaking Robot
19 Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheel chair with device switching
20 PC operated wireless War field Robot
21 Intelligently Investigate Pipe-line Robot
22 Voice operated intelligent Lift or Elevator
23 Wheel chair movement control using tongue
24 Location based vehicle speed controlling using
25 Obstacle Avoidance and Manhole detection Electronic travel aid Robot for blind
26 Voice actuated hospital bed control system and Heart Beat monitoring and alerting system's
27 Voice activated multi purpose robot
28 Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged
29 Intelligently Navigable Robotic vehicle for Industries using compass and Magnetic crane
31 Omni Directional Robot with GSM Connectivity for Remote Access
32 Zigbee controlled Boat with wireless video and voice transmission with night vision capability
33 Zigbee controlled Boat with wireless video and voice transmission with night vision capability
34 Designing painting robot using spray gun tool
35 Designing and construction of Movable robotic arm
36 Solar Powered Vehicle/Car with ultrasonic sensors (LCD voltage display)
37 Solar Powered Vehicle/Car with ultrasonic sensors (LCD voltage display)
38 3G Mobile phone controlled live human being detection
39 Touch screen based remote controlled robot with video camera
40 Head-movement controlled robot with voice and with video camera
41 J2ME Java Enabled mobile phone controlled Bluetooth Robot
42 Hand Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheelchair
43 MEMS controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it
44 DTMF controlled Live Human Being Detection with and video camera mounted on it
45 Robot Control by PC with Head Lamp and Night Vision
46 Microcontroller based Visible Light Follower
47 DTMF based human less boat control for ocean research applications
48 Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control
49 PC controlled wireless Robot with live human detection
50 Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer based self-balancing robot
51 Live Human being detection wireless remote controlled Robot. (Useful for detection of terrorists hiding inside buildings)
52 Radio Frequency based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it
53 Autonomous Robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection
54 DTMF controlled live human being detecting ROBO
55 Line Follower Robot
56 Wall Follower Robot
57 Obstacle detection robot with mechanical sensing switches
58 Bomb detecting robot with metal detection sensor
59 Mine detecting robot with help of proximity sensors
60 Remote access of robot via internet
61 The environmental cognition and agilely service in home service robot intelligent space based on multi-pattern information model and Zigbee wireless sensor networks
62 Obstacle avoidance and orientation determination for a remote operated veh
63 Probability-Based Location Aware Design and On-Demand Robotic Intrusion Detection System
64 Object-following robot using adaptive cruise control algorithm with IOIO
65 GSM Controlled Robotics
66 Remote control robot using Android mobile device
67 Robot Guided Crowd Evacuation
68 Design of a vision-based autonomous robot for street navigation
69 Nonlinear Multiple Integrator and Application to Aircraft Navigation
70 Development of a robotic arm for dangerous object disposal
71 Robotic Explosive Charging in Mining and Construction Applications
72 Microcontroller based robotic arm: Operational to gesture and automated mode Control of robotic arm manipulator with hepatic feedback using programmable system on chip
73 Autonomous Flight of a Commercial Quad rotor
74 Internet of vehicles: From intelligent grid to autonomous cars and vehicular clouds
75 Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair
76 SLAM-based autonomous wheelchair navigation system for AAL scenarios
77 Task Partitioning in a Robot Swarm: Object Retrieval as a Sequence of Subtasks with Direct Object Transfer
78 Multi-robot system for real-time sensing and monitoringc
79 Virtual laboratory for a remotely operating robot arm
80 Design of a Robotic Mobility System with a Modular Hepatic Feedback Approach to Promote Socialization in Children
81 Trajectory planning for car-like robots in unknown, unstructured environments
82 Ultrasonic-sensor deployment strategies and use of Smartphone sensors for mobile robot navigation in indoor environmentc
83 Local path planning in a complex environment for self-driving car
84 Remote access of FPGA robot via internet
85 Modeling of a complex-shaped underwater vehicle
86 GSM Controlled Robotics
87 Self-learning PD algorithms based on approximate dynamic programming for robot motion planning
88 Safety Control of Industrial Robots Based on a Distributed Distance Sensor
89 Object-following robot using adaptive cruise control algorithm with IOIO
90 Development of an autonomous micro robot for swarm robotics
91 Automatic landing control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on moving platforms
92 The role of operator style on mission energy requirements for teleoperated unmanned ground vehicles
93 A synchronized visual-inertial sensor system with FPGA pre-processing for accurate realtime SLAM
94 Virtual reality head-tracking observation system for mobilerobot
95 Modelling an accelerometer for robot position estimation
96 Implementation of WSN which can simultaneously monitor temperature conditions and control robot for positional accuracy
97 Lane detection & localization for UGV in urban environment
98 Multisensor Fusion-Based Concurrent Environment Mapping and Moving Object Detection for Intelligent Service Robotics
99 Probability-Based Location Aware Design and On-Demand Robotic Intrusion Detection System
100 An approach towards rescue robotics in bore well environment
101 Modeling of underwater snake robots
102 The Impact of Human–Robot Interface Design on the Use of a Learning Robot System
103 Signage System for the Navigation of Autonomous Robotsin Indoor Environments
104 A Robotic Crack Inspection and Mapping System for Bridge Deck Maintenance
105 Control of a multirotor outdoor aerial manipulator
106 Remote control robot using Android mobile device
107 Accuracy Analysis of Dynamic-Wafer-Handling RoboticSystem in Semiconductor Manufacturing
108 Identification of Linear Models for the Dynamics of a Hovering Quadrotor
109 Development of wireless EMG control system for rehabilitation devices
110 Sensing and processing of bio-metric signals for use in low cost biorobotic systems
111 Monitoring and controlling the combustion quality in thermal power plant boiler using image processing androbotic arm
112 Delay tolerant network for autonomous robotic vehiclecharging and hazard detection
113 Optimal Path Following for Differentially Flat Robotic Systems Through a Geometric Problem Formulation
114 GSM Controlled Robotics
115 Efficient Evaluation of Collisions and Costs on Grid Maps for Autonomous Vehicle Motion Planning
116 Quadrotors and Accelerometers: State Estimation with an Improved Dynamic Model
117 Traffic Sign Recognition for Autonomous Driving Robot
118 Remote access of FPGA robot via internet
119 Manipulator robot for crack detection and welding in underground process pipes
120 Modeling and Nonlinear Adaptive Control for Autonomous Vehicle Overtaking
121 Vision based guidance for robot navigation in agriculture
122 The detecting robot based on SOPC
123 Real-time autonomous 3D navigation for tracked vehicles in rescue environments
124 A Learning-Based Semi-Autonomous Controller for RoboticExploration of Unknown Disaster Scenes While Searching for Victims
125 Devising a solar powered standalone vehicle using GSMcommunication network
126 An intuitive multimodal haptic interface for teleoperation of aerial robots
127 Scaled position-force tracking for wireless teleoperation of miniaturized surgical robotic system
128 Motion Planning of Multi-docking System for Intelligent Mobile Robots
129 A small climbing robot for the intelligent inspection of nuclear power plants
130 EEG-Based Mobile Robot Control Through an Adaptive Brain– Robot Interface
131 Scheduling strategies of relay tracking for network-based multiple unmanned ground vehicles
132 Exploiting the use of information to improve coverage performance of robotic sensor networks
133 Cooperative Search of Multiple Unknown Transient Radio Sources Using Multiple Paired Mobile Robots
134 Comparison of two quadrotor dynamic models
135 The Safety of Domestic Robotics: A Survey of Various Safety- Related Publications
136 Group Mapping: A Topological Approach to Map Merging for Multiple Robots
137 Path Following Using Dynamic Transverse Feedback Linearization for Car-Like R
138 Occlusion-Based Cooperative Transport with a Swarm of Miniature Mobile Robots
139 Optimization-Based Motion Planning in Joint Space for Walking Assistance With Wearable Robot
140 Negative Information for Occlusion Reasoning in Dynamic Extended Multiobject T
141 Multirobot Control Using Time-Varying Density Functions
142 Passivity and Stability of Human–Robot Interaction Control for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robots
143 Multi Robots Communication System Based On multi node wireless Zigbee Network
144 Metal Detection Robot Control Using Zigbee wireless Technology
145 Vision based obstacle avoidance and target tracking for autonomous mobile robot
146 A robot motion authoring using finger robot interaction
147 Spy Robot Using Zigbee
148 LED LDR based robust railway track fault detecting robot
149 Bomb detecting robot using GSM and GPS
150 PC controlled SPY Robot Using Wireless webcam
151 Automatic Voice Announcement Based Robot Fire Analysis System
152 ATMEL controller based Mobile controlled robot OR Cell phone Operated Land rover Robot
153 Mobile controlled robot with camera using ATMEL controller OR Remote Surveillance vehicle robot with camera
154 REMOTE surveillance ROBOOT using ATMEL controller
155 Design and Development of Bomb Detecting Robot using ATMEL co
156 Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged using ATMEL controller
157 Friendly home automation system using cellphone
158 Mobile controlled robot with real time feedback sensors
159 Multi degree Pick and Place robot with object identification technology
160 Application of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot in Defense
161 SMS controlled pick and place robot
162 Mobile phone operated robot
163 Sound level meter with audio announcement for library
164 Detection Of Live Human Being Detection Using Wireless Remote Control
165 Intelligent fire detecting robot using RF technology
166 Wheelchair obstacle avoidance based on fuzzy controller and ultrasonic sensors
167 Developing sensors and real time controlling software for a robot
168 Design and Conceptual Development of a Sunbathe Laundry Robot
169 Design and Development of Digital PID Controller for DC Motor Drive System Using Embedded Platform for Mobile Robot
170 Design of an Intelligent Electric Vehicle for Blind
171 Telephone operated Robot with help of DTMF and PIC
172 Spy robot using PIC and PC
173 PC based Robot for different position control.
174 Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot in textile industry.
175 Crack detector Robot in Railway Department.
176 Solar panel Tracking Robot
177 Fingerprint operated multipurpose robot in industrial and nuclear plants
178 Crane operating Robot through PC
179 Object Tracking Robot using Sensor.
180 Artificial intelligent (Fuzzy logic)based Automatic path finding Robot
181 Embedded based wireless missile launcher for war field applications
182 RF Based Vehicle Tracking System by using robot.
183 Microcontroller based multipurpose stepper motor action controller for Robots.
184 Embedded based conveyer controlled robot in mine and industry.
185 PC operated solar based multi purpose robot
186 War field tanker controlled robot with human finger print security
187 Staircase Climbing Robot – Implemented in Multi-Domain Approach
188 Helping Hand for Disabled Person - Hand Gripper Robot
189 Library Robot - Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using Microcontroller
190 Advanced Collision Avoidance Solar Powered Robot Car with Automatic Charger
191 Seek for Sun Light and Charges when the Battery Goes Down
192 Mobile Robot -- Wireless Ai based Intelli Mobile Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
193 Smart Tanker Robot for Security Operations in the Protected Area with Wireless Secured Communication
194 Multisensor - Smoke, Fire, Temperature, Gas, Metal & Intruder based Security Robot – Zigbee
195 Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged
196 Intelli Robotic Wheel Chair for Specialty Operations with Key Operations and Advanced Path Planning Routing System
197 Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas using WAP with Model & Camera
198 An intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation Technique using RFID Technology
199 Robotic Vision and Color Identification System with Solenoid Arm for Colored Material Separation
200 Robot with Search and Rescue Feature for an Accident Area or Natural Disaster Area
201 Boatbot – Design & Implementation
202 Advanced Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wall Sensors and RF Remote Controller for Systematic Cleaning
203 Snake Robot – Serpentine Robot for Industrial Inspection and Surveillance
204 SMS based Controller – Robot Control
205 Remote Controlled Water Splash Robot for Gardening
206 RF Remote based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations with Auto Dialer Facility
207 Smart AI based Image Capturing Robot with Sensors Network
208 Cell Phone Controlled Ai based Five Axis Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
209 PC Controlled Advanced Wireless Robot Vehicle with Camera for Bomb Detection / Human Surveillance Application for Dangerous Areas
210 The OmniTread Serpentine Robot for Industrial Inspection and Surveillance
211 Design & Implementation of Grass Shredding Robot
212 Autonomous Robot with Obstacle Avoidance, Drive Wheel Synchronization and Line Tracking Capability
213 Wall Follower Robot with the Help of Multiple Artificial Eyes
214 Medical Robot – Design & Implementation
215 PCB Drilling System using Robot Known as Cartesian Robot
216 Remote Robot Control System based on DTMF of Mobile Phone
217 Sensor Rich Tele-Operational Mode Robotic Bush Fire Fighting
218 Robotics Assistance to Protection Services: Users Requirements
219 Motion Detection, Robotics Guidance and Proximity Sensing using Ultrasonic Technology
220 Intelligent Escort Robot Moving Together with Human
221 Towards the Autonomous Navigation of intelligent Robots for Risky Interventions
222 Testing Multi-Robot Systems for Operation in Risky Environments
223 The Watchdog - Robot inspector for An Area That Is Prone to intruders and Possible Fire Hazards
224 Usability Analysis of a PDA-based User interface for Mobile Robot Teleoperation
225 Design and Development of Line Follower Robot using the Principle of Reflection of Light Rays
226 Dynamic Robot Networks for Search and Rescue Operations
227 Communication Issues in Distributed Multisensory Robotics
228 Walking Robot for Impaired Peoples – Muscle Weakness
229 An Autonomous Assistant Robot for Book Manipulation in a Library
230 Self GuidedPedestrain Crossing Robot for Blinds and Elderly Persons – Walking Stick
231 Electromagnetic Magnetic Type Pick and Place Robot for Materials Handling
232 A Robust Architecture for Autonomous Robot Navigation and Control
233 A Mobile Platform for Nursing Robots
234 Rescue Robotics for Biomedical and Life Saving with Artificial Intelligence
235 A Novel Robot System for Surface inspection and Diameter Measurement of Large Size Pipes
236 Advanced Human Detecting and Self-Guided Robotic Waiter for Hotels
237 Self Guided Object Tracking & Following Mobile Robot for Factories & Mining Areas
238 Walking Robot with Hyper Line Tracker using IR Sensors for Uneven Terrain
239 Vision Guided Law Enforcement Robotic Helicopters – A Revolutionary New Interface
240 Advanced Miniature based Wireless Camera Monitoring System for Wildlife Application
241 An Assistive Robotic Device that CAN Synchronize to the Pelvic Motion During Human Gait Training
242 Automatic Collision Avoidance and Real Time Distance Monitoring
243 Automatic, Advanced Robotic Arm for Welding in Automated Assembly Line
244 Cell Phone based Materials Handling Robot
245 Cell Phone based Robot Direction & Alive Human Detecting
246 Cell Phone Controlled Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations
247 Cell Phone Controlled Smart Image Capturing Robot
248 Collision Avoidance By the Fusion of Different Beam-Width Ultrasonic Sensors & Rescue Robot using PIR Sensor
249 Design & Implementation of Real Time Security Guard Robot using GSM CDMA Networking
250 Design & Development of Obstacle Sensing and Object Guiding Robot
251 Distance Monitoring & Object Detecting Robot By RF Technology
252 Distributed Sensors Fusion for Object Position Estimation and Approaching By Robotic System
253 Drishti: An Integrated Navigation System for Visually Impaired & Disabled
254 Electronic Nose for Robotics
255 Fire Ball for Fire Extinguishing with Robot Model
256 Fire Sensing Robot with Auto Dial-Up Facility & No Extinguisher
257 Gas Detection Robot for Atomic Power Station
258 Human Step Rehabilitation using A Robot Attached to the Pelvis
259 Hyper Line Tracking Control of Robotic Car using Track Sensors for Industrial Application
260 Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
261 Fire Fighting Robo using Ultrasonic Technology
262 IVRS based Control of Alive Human Being Detector with Voice Feedback
263 Motion Activated Wireless Video Capturing System for Security Wild Life Application
264 Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence
265 PC Controlled Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas using WAP with Model & Camera – PIR Sensor for Rescue Operations with 2 Way Communication
266 Programmable Surface Cleaning Robot using Blowers
267 SMS Controlled Intelli Robot Materials Handling
268 Most Advanced Land Roever with Wireless Remote Control using PC with Camera and Solar Cell Power
269 Rescue Robot for Military Purpose with Voice Annunciation using PIR Sensor and Metal Detection
270 RF - Remote Location Controlled Alive Human Being Detector Model
271 Robotic Exploration in Under Water with Remote RF Controller and 2.4 Ghz Automatic IR Cameras for Night Vision and Remote Receiver
272 Robotic Technology Integration for Army Ground Vehicles – Zigbee
273 Automatic Human Seeker Robot with Human Body Heat Scanner
274 SMS based Alive Human Detector in Affected Areas / War Fields
275 SMS enabled towards Command & Control Networking of Cooperative Autonomous Robotics for Military Applications
276 The Guide CAN – Applying Mobile Robot Technologies to Assist the Visually Impaired
277 Ultra Sound Guided Collision Avoidance and Navigation Robotic System for Multiple Applications
278 Visual Surviving and Multi Directional Light Signature Sensing and Approaching Robot with Edge Detector for Tunnel Application
279 Climbing & Walking Robot for Uneven Terrain and Disaster Area Application
280 Voice based Path Control of Robot Via the PC using RF Communication Technology
281 Voice Control / Speech Recognition Alive Human Detector
282 Voice Control / Speech Recognition Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations
283 Voice enabled Image Capturing and Transferring to PC using Robot
284 Voice enabled Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based Security Alert System for the Safer Guarding
285 Walking Robot with Infrared Sensors / Light Sensors / RF Sensor / Tactile Sensors
286 Wireless AI based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations with Two Way Communication
287 Zigbee enabled Alive Human Being Detector Model with Camra
288 The development of intelligent home security robot
289 SMS Based automatic vehicle accident information system
290 Artificial Intelligent Based Automatic Path finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot
291 Implementation of Humanoid Robot For Preventing Children Accidents
292 Interfacing Voice Guiding System for an Autonomous Robot
293 Interfacing Voice Guiding System for an Autonomous Robot
294 A socially assistive robot for the elderly and cognitively impaired
295 A Compact and Compliant External Pipe-Crawling Robot
296 A Robot that Approaches Pedestrians
297 Active and Passive Control of Walk-Assist Robot for Outdoor Guidance
298 Environmental Monitoring Using Autonomous Aquatic Robots: Sampling Algorithms and Experiments
299 Human-Walking-Intention-Based Motion Control of an Omnidirectional-Type Cane Robot
300 Localization and navigation of a mobile robot in an office-like environment
301 Tracking visitors with sensor poles for robot's museum guide tour
302 using assistive robotics to empower people with disabilities
303 An autonomous ground robot for outdoor exploration
304 Driftless 3-D Attitude Determination and Positioning of Mobile Robots By Integration of IMU With Two RTK GPSsc
305 Sensor based autonomous color line follower robot with obstacle avoidance
306 Smart rope and vision based guide-dog robot system for the visually impaired self-walking in urban system
307 Design of cell phone operated robot using DTMF for object research
308 Tele-Operation of Robot Using Gestures
309 A proximity/contact-force sensor for Human Safety in industrial robot environment
310 Control of an industrial robot using Ethernet Application to a V+ running controller
311 Distance controlled rescue and security mobile robot
312 GPRS-based remote sensing and teleoperation of a mobile robot
313 Attendant robot for elderly service using sensor network system
314 Gesture-based robot control with variable autonomy from the JPL BioSleeve
315 Development of an indoor patrol robot based on ultrasonic and vision data fusion
316 Agricultural Robotics: Unmanned Robotic Service Units in Agricultural Tasks
317 Automatic weed detection system and smart herbicide sprayer robot for corn fields
318 Development and application of electronic nose for agricultural robot
319 Design and development of digital PID controller for DC motor drive system using embedded platform for mobile robot
320 RFID-based Location System for Forest Search and Rescue Missions
321 Distance controlled rescue and security mobile robot
322 Kinect-based Powered Wheelchair Control System
323 Autonomous line-follower with fuzzy control
324 Design and implementation of fuzzy logic based autonomous car for navigation in unknown environments
325 Design and development of remote-operated multi-direction Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
326 Design and implementation of robotic system to transport disabled people
327 Online control of remote operated agricultural Robot using fuzzy controller and virtual instrumentation
328 Warfield Communications Jammer Robot
329 Development of a robotic-arm controller by using hand gesture recognition
330 A Real-Time Path Tracking Approach for a Wheeled Mobile Robot
331 Priority Scheduling in an Autonomous Material Handling System for Industriesc
332 Development of robotic sewerage blockage detector controlled by embedded systems
333 Implementation of a Robotic Self Navigating Weapon System for Defense Applications
334 Virtual Blue Printing Robot for Indoor Surveillance in Combating Urban Terrorism
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