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Btech/BE Embedded RFID Smartcard Projects

RFID means radio frequency identification.It is a technology that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to send information from an RFID tag to RFID reader for identification purposes.Now a days Rfid smart card technology is very popular and utilizes in many areas.We provide List of Top RFID Based Projects for btech Students

1 Smart wireless healthcare monitoring for drivers community
2 Smart ration card using RFID and GSM technique
3 Smart Sensing Materials for Low-Cost Chip less RFID Sensor
4 Analysis of e-Toll card usage at Tollgate
5 Smart ration card using RFID and GSM technique
6 Smart Entrance Guard Control Based on RFID Card and ZigBee Authorization
7 RFID Technology for IoT-Based Personal Healthcare in Smart Spaces
8 Ultralong-Range RFID-Based Wake-Up Radios for Wireless Sensor Networks
9 RFID in Underground-Mining Service Applications
10 Data Cleaning for RFID and WSN Integration
11 Discrete-Event Shop-Floor Monitoring System in RFID-Enabled Manufacturing
12 Examination room guide using RFID for the jumbling system based EXAMS
13 Human Recognition Using RFID Technology and Stereo Vision
15 Security access for Home using RFID
16 Design of Auto guard System Based on RFID and GSM
17 RFID based security system using Atmel microcontroller
18 Advanced smart card based digital energy meter using Atmel microcontroller
19 Advanced smart card based power access control system using microcontroller
20 Employee ID and attendance maintenance using smart card
21 Smart card based bank security system
22 RFID based automatic Bus Ticketing system
23 Smartcard based door accessing system for MNCS
24 Smartcard operated lock and anti theft system
25 A modular cost effective mobile robot navigation system using RFID technology
26 Passive RFID based low cost implementation of multipurpose cards using Centralized citizen database
27 Student data logging system into college website based on RFID
28 RFID based student no dues status checking and paying system & displaying
29 RFID based individual account holder for petrol filling station
30 RFID based home automation system
31 Design and Construction of Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) Vehicle Recognition
32 The Electronic Passport and the Future of Government-Issued RFID Based Identification
33 Industrial electrical appliances control system using RFID
34 RFID based bus recognition system for blind people
35 RFID and GSM based intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery notification
36 RFID warehouse robot
37 RFID based Highway toll collection systems
38 RFID based paid car parking system
39 A Hierarchical Algorithm for Indoor Mobile Robot Localization Using RFID Sensor Fusion
40 Occupancy Monitoring using Passive RFID Technology for Efficient Building Lighting Control
41 RFID Based Animal Identification System
42 RFID Based ATM Machine
43 RFID based Attendance cum Security System
44 RFID based Automatic Car Parking System
45 RFID Based Banking System
46 RFID Based Events Tracking System for Sports
47 RFID Based Inventory Tracking System
48 RFID Based Library Management
49 RFID Based Prepaid Energy Meter
50 RFID Based Railway Platform to display the Exact Position of Coach
51 RFID Based Ration Card
52 RFID Based Road Toll Tax
53 RFID Based Shoping Cart
54 RFID Based Vehicle Tracking System
55 RFID based Telemedicine System
56 The Electronic Passport & The Future of Government Issued RF ID based Identification
57 Providing Group Tour Guide by RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Network
58 RF ID / Proximity based Multi Usage Card
59 An RFID based Pilgrim Identification Systemk
60 RF ID Proximity based Checking & Detecting Expiry Date (S), Stock Updation
61 Advanced and Intelligent Distant Vehicle Identifying and Automatic Entry System using Active RF ID
62 Automatic Vehicle Toll Collection & Gate Entry Exit System using RFID
63 RFID / Proximity based Pharma Health Card
64 A New Concept for Vehicle Localization of Road Debiting System using RF Id / Active RF System – Intelligent Vehicles
65 Automated and Unmanned Parking System using RFID Technology
66 Advanced Digital Wireless Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways
67 Advanced Miniature Radio Collar Tracking System for Wild Life Application
68 A Security Framework in RFID based License Plate
69 GPS & RFID based Intelligent Guided Vehicle
70 Automatic Locker Machine - Design & Implementation, using RFID & Embedded Microcontrollers
71 Intelligent Retail Business: Location based Services for Mobile Customers
72 RFID based Animal Location Tracking and Identification System
73 RFID / Active RF based Equipment/ Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
74 RFID based Parking Lot Access and Control, Vehicle Tracking in Rental Lots
75 RFID based Virtual Gate Entry Control
76 Security and Privacy in RFID and Applications in Telemedicine – Communications
77 RFID based Customer Loyalty Programs
78 RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring
79 RFID Applications Strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting System
80 RFID based Automated Airline Baggage Systems
81 Security and Privacy in RFID and Applications in Telemedicine – Communications
82 RFID based Customer Loyalty Programs
83 RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring
84 RFID Applications Strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting System
85 RFID based Automated Airline Baggage Systems
86 RFID based Student Tracking System
87 Secure Voting Through ATM Booths
88 RFID based Industrial Security System
89 Automatic Shopping & Billing in Super Market
90 A RFID System to Help Visually Impaired People in Mobility
91 RFID based Canteen Automation
92 A Mobile RFID -Tracking Security System
93 An RFID Application for the Disabled: Path Finder Application Field of RFID in Health Safety and Environment Management
94 People / Visitors Tracking and Management with Area Localization / Monitoring and Warning System using E-Ticket and Super RFID for Amusement Park / Child Care / Play School in Real Time
95 Performance Evaluation of Operational Parameters on RFID Controlled Conveyor System
96 Personnel and Equipment Locating System and Tracking for Mining Solution using Super Active RFID Network Technology in Real Time
97 In Amusement Park / Visitor using Super RFID with in/Out Time
98 GIDS – A System for Combining RFID -based Site information and Web-based Data for Virtually Displaying the Location on Hand Held Devices
100 Super Active RFID and Remote Access through Telephone Line
101 Location based Human Identification and Tracking System using RFID
102 Contactless Electromagnetic Proximity based Campus Management System
103 Contactless Electromagnetic Proximity based Public Transport System
104 Data Storage and Remote Data Access using Super RFID
105 RFID based Automated Airline Baggage Systems
106 RFID based Parking Lot Access and Control, Vehicle Tracking in Rental Lots
107 RFID based Prescriptions in Automated Pharmaceutical Systems
108 RFID based Unmanned Automated Electric Power Tariff Calculation by the Remote EB Station
109 RFID based intelligent Books Shelving System
110 RFID based Car Security Systems
111 RFID based Equipment/Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
112 RFID based Multi Usage / Purpose Card System Design & Implementation
113 RFID based Valuable Objects Insurance Identification
114 RFID based Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System
115 RFID Fare Verification - RFID Bus Pass System
116 Industrial Container CARGO monitoring and management using RFID
117 RFID based Automatic Toll Tax Deduction System
118 RFID based Blind man Stick
119 RFID based Electronic Road Pricing for Controlling the Traffic
120 RFID based Event Tracking System for Sports
121 RFID based Inventory Tracking System
122 RFID based Parts Tracking System for Manufacturing
123 RFID based Prepaid Energy Meter with Recharge Option
124 RFID based Railway Platform to Display Exact Position of Each Coach
125 RF ID based Railway Reservation
126 Super Active RFID Applied in Cold Chain Logistics / Transportation with Temperature Reading and Monitoring in Real Time
127 Super Active Tag based Long Range Vehicle Data Access System for Traffic Monitoring with Multi Direction, Speed and Id for Automatic Data Access, Monitor and Analyzing
128 A Battery-Assisted Sensor-Enhanced RFID Tag Enabling Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
129 Person Identification System – RF ID System used for Tracking & Authentication Purposes Applying Back Scattering TECHNOLOGY
130 RFID-Based Sensors for Zero-Power Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks
131 Hybrid Blocking Algorithm for Identification of Overlapping Staying Tags between Multiple Neighboring Readers in RFID Systems
132 RFID and 2GB SD/MMC card based patient data monitoring system with PC interface
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