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Embedded Networking projects For Btech Students

Final year Embedded Networking projects.Get the list of Embedded Networking projects.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

1 Design of vital sign monitor based on wireless sensor networks and telemedicine Technology
2 Monitoring activities of daily living based on wearable wireless body sensor network
3 NFC enabled intelligent hospital appointment and medication scheduling
4 A new prototype of smart parking using wireless sensor networks
5 Apply of coal-bunker fire warning system based on ZigBee
6 A High-Resolution Sensor Network for Monitoring Glacier Dynamics
7 Monitor and remote control of a heating cloth for the aged
8 Remote fish aquaculture monitoring system based on wireless transmission technology
9 A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System
10 ZigBee wireless communication for monitoring renewable street light system
11 Ultrasonic sensor system for ecology observation and timing synchronization of ZigBee network
12 Real time solid waste bin monitoring system framework using wireless sensor network
13 RFID-Based Sensors for Zero-Power Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks
14 Wireless Communication Infrastructure for a Short-Range Unmanned Aerial
15 The Application of ZigBee Technology to the Intelligent Bus Query System
16 HOME FADS: A dedicated fire alert detection system using ZigBee wireless network
17 Performance Analysis of Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network for Remote Patient Monitoring
18 Data centre monitoring and alerting system using WSN
19 CAWIS: Context aware wireless irrigation system
20 Multi-smart car control system design and research based on ZigBee
21 An active transmission ModBus protocol based on Zigbee
22 Wireless Sensor Network-based air quality monitoring system
23 Wireless sensor network based solution for nuclear radiation detection
24 Wireless sensor network based solution for nuclear radiation detection
25 A wireless automatic meter reading system based on digital image process and ZigBee-3G Locomotive monitoring system using wireless sensor networks
26 Design of pipeline displacement detecting system based on ZigBee wireless sensor networks
27 Design and implementation of Wireless Menu Card
28 Wireless sensor networks based control system development for water supply infrastructure
29 Visualization of wireless sensor networks using ZigBee's Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) for indoor localization and tracking
30 Mitigation of Optical Background Noise in Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Optical Wireless Communication Systems
31 Challenges and conditions for wireless machine-to-machine communications in industrial environments
32 Reliable Wireless Communication Networks for Demand Response Control
33 LED and CMOS Image Sensor Based Optical Wireless Communication System for Automotive Applications
34 Sensorized Glove for Measuring Hand Finger Flexion for Rehabilitation Purposes
35 Performance analysis of optical wireless communication system using pulse width modulation
36 Towards an isochronous wireless communication system for industrial automation
37 Magnetically coupled wireless communication for buried environmental sensor
38 Wireless communication integrated active noise control system for infant incubators
39 A Study on Visitors Tracking Method Using Wireless Communication
40 The implementation of multi-micro-controller communication system based on RF1101 wireless module
41 Intelligent vehicle monitoring system using wireless communication
42 Technologies and networks supporting maritime wireless mesh communications
43 A novel communication-based train control (CBTC) system with cooperative wireless relaying
44 Enabling Mobile Devices for Home Automation Using ZigBee
45 Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors
46 Performance evaluation of Wireless Sensor Networks based on ZigBee technology in smart home
47 Water environment monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network
48 Wireless remote monitor and control system based on Zigbee and web
49 Metro overhead tanks monitoring system using ZigBee based WSN
50 Automatic speed and torque monitoring in induction motors using ZigBee and SMS
51 Health monitoring solution using dedicated ZigBee sensor network
52 Robust home automation scheme using cognitive ZigBee network
53 Design of household control system based on ZigBee, GSM and TCP/IP protocol
54 Controlling and monitoring process in industrial automation using Zigbee
55 ZigBee wireless sensor network for radiation monitoring at nuclear facilities
56 Research on mobile robot perceptual system based on Zigbee
57 Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee Wireless Network
58 The Generic Design of a High Traffic Advance Metering Infrastructure Using ZigBee
59 An integrity monitoring system for substation connections using ZigBee wireless sensor network
60 ZigBee and ATmega32 based wireless digital control and monitoring system For LED lighting
61 Performance analysis of ZigBee based Load Control and power monitoring system
62 An automated cloud based vehicular emission control system using Zigbee
63 Real Time Wireless Monitoring and Control of Water Systems Using Zigbee 802.15.4
64 Design of ZigBee based WSN for smart demand responsive home energy management system
65 Environment monitoring and early warning system of facility agriculture based on heterogeneous wireless networks
66 Attendant robot for elderly service using sensor network system
67 Design of Home Automation Network based on CC2530
68 Passenger BUS alert system for easy navigation of blind
69 Instrumentation for safe vehicular flow in intelligent traffic control systems using wireless networks
70 A pollution monitoring system with hybrid wireless transmission
71 A Smart and Contemporary Home Security System using 802.15.4 standard
72 A fault preventive wireless sensor sewer system for urban infrastructure management infusing embedded systems
73 Autonomous wireless sensor network for greenhouse environmental conditions monitoring
74 An Icing On-Line Monitoring System of Transmission Lines Based on WSN
75 Wireless based load control and power monitoring system
76 Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based embedded controlled sensor network
77 Vehicular traffic monitoring using Bluetooth
78 An automated student attendance tracking system using Bluetooth and EyeOS
79 Remote Monitoring System of ECG and Human Body Temperature Signals
80 Real-Time Street Parking Availability Estimation
81 Dynamic Traffic Control with Fairness and Throughput Optimization Using Vehicular Communications
82 Prototype of a PLC based communication system for residential electrical consumption measurement
83 A NFC-based Concept for Medication Related Patient Services
84 A Wireless On-The-Go Industrial Safety System for Workers Safety in Hazardous Environments
85 Near Field Communication for pilgrim services
86 Design of vital sign monitor based on wireless sensor networks and telemedicine Technology
87 Zigbee Based Vehicle Access Control System for Various Industrial Purpose
88 Development on Gas Leak Detection and Location System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
89 Under water Wireless Control and Transmission System based on Zigbee wireless technologyy
90 Remote Controllable And Energy Saving Room Architecture Based On Zigbee Communication
91 Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal miners safety purpose
92 Remote Weather monitoring Station Design Using Zigbee
93 Innovative traffic Congestion Control System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEE technology
94 Two Way Wireless Data Messaging System For Rural Areas Using Zigbee Technology
95 Wireless Electronic Notice Board With Multi Nodes Using Zigbee Communication System
96 Deploying ZigBee sensor network for vibration measurement
97 Home automation using Zigbee
98 Messenger Development without Internet Using ZIGBEE
99 Creating a single communication link between 2 wireless communications
100 More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based on ZigBee Communication and Infrared Remote Controls
101 ZIGBEE based ACCESES control system using AT89s52
102 An Enhanced ZigBee Indoor Positioning System With an Ensemble Approach
103 Anti theft system for electronic equipments using inertial MEMS sensor and ZIGBEE
104 Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications
105 Remote Control System of Smart Appliances Based on Wireless Sensor Network
106 Wireless Based Load Control and Power Monitoring System
107 Towards the Implementation of control system for Environmental Condition Monitoring in Homes
108 Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
109 A Zigbee Sms Alert System With Trust Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks
110 Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring
111 Remote monitoring system of ecg and body temperature signals
112 Design of electronic blood pressure monitoring System based on mobile telemedicine system
113 Remote management and control system for LED based Plant Factory using ZigBee
114 Low Power Wireless Sensor Node for Human Centered Transportation System
115 Monitoring Patients Signs Wirelessly
116 Accessible display design to control home area networks
117 Intellectual climate system for monitoring industrial environment
118 Building a smart home system with wsn and service robot
119 Intelligent wireless emergency alert system for patient monitoring using AT89S52 microcontroller
120 Wireless ECG Monitoring and Alarm System Using ZigBee
121 Automated Voice based Home Navigation System for the Elderly and the Physically Challenged
122 A New Intelligent Control Terminal of Solar Street Light
123 A Parking Guidance and Information System based on Wireless Sensor Network
124 A Hybrid Wired Wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management
125 Wireless Sensor Node to Detect Hazardous Gas Pipeline Leakage
126 Implementation of Remote Temperature measuring by Wireless Sensor Network
127 Based on Wireless Sensor Network Coal Mine Gas Monitoring System
128 Towards More Efficient Building Energy Management Systems
129 Wireless sensing and control for precision Green house management
130 A Wireless Sensor Network Node Design Based On Zigbee Protocol
131 A ZigBee-Based wireless Water flow monitoring System
132 Briefcase security system
136 Implementing CAN ZIGBEE Gateway
138 Robotic arm mounted on a four wheel belt drive vehicle USING ZIGBEE
140 Wireless Voltage Monitoring System using ZIGBEE
141 RealTime Passenger information System (RTPIS) using Zigbee Technology
142 Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System
143 Development of Zigbee-based Electronics Ballast System
144 Remote Power On/off Control and Current Measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on a Low-Power Embedded Board and Zigbee Communication
145 Automated Roll Call with Palm based Device using Zigbee – SRD / ISM Band
146 Zigbee Data / Voice Communication System for Industrial Application
147 Zigbee Device Detector for Safety Application
148 Zigbee Enabled Speed Control of DC Motor
149 Zigbee Voice Communication System for Industrial Application
150 Hand Held Device - Restaurant Services Management & Attendance Monitoring, Data Transfer, Updation
151 Zigbee Enabled Miniaturized Mote Control
152 A Wireless Network based on the Combination of Zigbee and GPRS
153 A Zigbee based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities
154 Bus Priority Control System based on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and Zigbee
155 Commercial Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks using Zigbee
156 Custom Wireless Sensor Network based on Zigbee
157 Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System using Zigbee Networks for Ubiquitous City
158 Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System
159 Patient Monitoring System using Sensor Network based on the Zigbee
160 Remote Engine Performance Monitoring and Logger System using Zigbee and I2c
161 Remote Power on/off Control and Current Measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on A Low-Power Embedded Board and Zigbee Communication
162 Realization of Home Remote Control Network based on Zigbee
163 System for Measuring Power Supply Parameters with Zigbee Connectivity
164 Tea: Transmission Error Approximation for Distance Estimation Between Two Zigbee Devices
165 The Implementation of Indoor Location System to Control Zigbee Home Network
166 Wireless Automation of Unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System using Zigbee
167 Zigbee based Dynamic Control Scheme for Multiple Legacy IR Controllable Digital Consumer Devices
168 Zigbee based Gas Leak Detection and Data Monitoring System
169 Zigbee based Money Transfer System
170 Zigbee based Monitoring System using Auto-Dialer
171 Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Applications in Industry
172 Zigbee Device Access Control & Reliable Data Transmission based Health Monitoring
173 Zigbee for Building Control Wireless Sensor Networks
174 Zigbee Source Route Technology in Home Application
175 Zigbee Wireless Sensor in Industrial Applications
176 A Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning
177 Dish Position Controlling and Monitoring System Used for Radar & Other Telecommunication Applications
178 RF based Code Modulation – Decryption & Encryption for Secured Wireless Communication with OFDM
179 Development of Smart Notice Board – Active Information Display Systems
180 A Miniaturized Mote for Wireless Sensor Network
181 Development of pedestrian-to-vehicle communication system prototype for pedestrian safety using both wide-area and direct communication
182 Car-to-Car Communication
183 A Computerized Travel Aid for the Active Guidance of Blind Pedestrians
184 A Design of A Prototypic Hand-Talk, Assistive Technology for the Deaf
185 A Distributed, Adaptive Protocol for Handling Interference in Wireless Communications
186 Enabling / Disabling & Wireless Control of Appliances & Devices using RF Technology
187 Fully Automatic Intelligent Wireless Remote Railway Gate Controller & Monitoring System with Remote Train Stopper for Railway using Active RF Id System
188 Machine-to-Machine Communication in Cellular Networks
189 Reduction of Disturbance Effects and Sustained Oscillation using Multi-Sensor Implementing Wireless Communication
190 Remote Communication Devices for Electric Utility Applications, Electric Power Conference
191 Remote Mobile Phone Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
192 Wireless Automatic Traffic Signaling System
193 Wireless Intrusion Detection, Electronic Security & Control System using Central Monitoring System
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