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Latest Embedded Projects For Btech/BE Students

Latest Embedded Projects For Engineering Students,they have latest embedded projects list from takeoffgroup,so students will get real time knowledge about embedded projects and how to do the projects in a proper manner

1 Microcontroller based LPG leakage and control system
2 Ultrasonic height measurement system
3 Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector
4 Security for industrial with alert system using smoke sensor
5 RF communication based human movement scrutinizing system using PIR sensor network
6 Embedded based automobile gas leakage monitoring and control technology
7 Basic color mixing system using tv technique
8 Centralized FM and information announcing system using cell phone
9 Energy saving in street light control
10 Local area information announcing system
11 RF ID helmet for two wheeler rider
12 Tool for drainage cleaner
13 Variable dc regulator source using paper mouse
14 Bidirectional cell based control system
15 Earth quake relief robo
16 Human motion detection based security
17 Multilevel protection using LPG gas sensor
18 Scada for telephone exchange
19 Ultrasonic target sensing system
20 Versatile fiber link
21 Breath rate indicator & monitoring
22 Electronic queue control for railway reservation
23 Solar based electronic versatile pot
24 A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building
25 Automatic LDR based window blind control system
26 Solar tracking street light system.
27 Call based home appliance controller
28 Dtmf controlled soil-moisture sensor.
29 Safety implementation for 3-phase irrigation motor using soilmoisture sensor and temperature sensor
30 PC based digital notice board with display on lcd display
31 PC controlled industrial devices with 8-relay board
32 Microcontroller based multiple device control based on one input switch
33 Design of coffee cup for alerting (vibrations & buzzer) blind people
34 Microcontroller based bank lockers safety system using digital key password with door access facility
35 Secure password protected bank locker controlling using mobile technologies
36 Automatic active phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply
37 Petrochemical level indicator and controller for automation of cotton purification process in spinning mills.
38 Infrared (IR) remote controlled muscle stimulator with duration and intensity control
39 Mobile phone controlled pc with devices control
40 Microcontroller based digital clock with graphical LCD and sanskrit font (or any regional font) numbers.
41 Real-time heartbeat monitoring system with display on graphical LCD and alerting system
42 Telugu tutor with dynamic text and images identification for elementary school kids
43 Innovative keyboard construction with only one input pin
44 Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired
45 Human body temperature and heart rate monitoring on mobile screen over bluetooth wireless technology
46 Can protocol enable multi-region monitoring and control system
47 Microcontroller based online examination system with dynamic questions
48 Accident detection for release airbag using GSM, GPS & MEMS using ARM7
49 Remote control of smart household based on DTMF
50 Adaptive beat to beat heart rate estimation in ballistocardiogram
51 A Bi-directional guard system design of car based on GPS & GSM
52 Development of gas leak detection and location system based on wireless technology
53 The remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology
54 Real time atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of indian agricultural system
55 GSM, GPS integration for enhancing public transportation
56 Research on the method of automatic obstacle avoidance robot
57 A reliable transmission protocol for zigbee based wireless patient monitoring
58 Locking and unlocking of theft vehicles using can(theft control system)
59 Monitoring roll chocks temperature
60 Wireless sensor network based home monitoring system for wellness determination of elderly
61 Design of automatic meter reading based on zigbee
62 Parking spaces detection in indoor environments based on zigbee
63 An enhanced zigbee indoor positioning system with an example approach
64 In building lighting management system with wireless communications
65 A human detection method for residential smart energy systems based on Zigbee rssi changes
66 Home healthcare self monitoring system for chronic diseases
67 Smart parking applications using RFID technology
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