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Embedded Image Processing Projects For Btech

Engineering students those who are doing Btech and have an interest on latest btech embedded systems image processing projects for those kind of people,we provide various embedded based image processing projects for final year btech students

1 Driver Assistant for the Detection of Drowsiness and Alcohol Effect
2 Towards Detection of Bus Driver Fatigue Based on robust visual analysis of eye state
4 Implementation of Spy Robot for A Surveillance System using Internet Protocol of Raspberry Pi
5 IoT Based Smart Surveillance Security System using Raspberry Pi
6 WiFi Enabled Home Security Surveillance Systemusing Raspberry Pi and IoT Module
7 A Robust and Efficient Approach to License Plate detection
8 Fire Detection and alarming using MATLAB
10 Weather Fore Casting System
1 Finding Correlated Biclusters From Gene Expression Data
2 A Learning-Based Similarity Fusion And Filtering Approach For Biomedical Image Retrieval Using Svm Classification And Relevance Feedback
3 Scalable Face Image Retrieval With Identity-Based Quantization And Multi Reference Reranking
4 A Universal Noise Removal Algorithm With An Impulse Detector
5 Scanned Compound Document Encoding Using Multiscale Recurrent Patterns
6 Spatial-Range Mean-Shift Filtering And Segmentation Applied To Sar Images
7 Assessment Of Human Red Blood Cell Aggregation Using Image Processing And Wavelets
8 Pulse Coupled Neural Network Based Image Classification
9 Image Segmentation Using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks
10 Image Fusion Algorithm Based On M-Pcnn
11 Wavelet-Based Medical Image Compression With Adaptive Prediction
12 Block-Based Image Compression With Parameter-Assistant Inpainting
13 Model-Based Despeckling And Information Extraction From Sar Images
14 Automated Event Detection Of Epileptic Spikes Using Neural Networks
15 Efficient Compression Of Encrypted Grayscale Images
16 Active Testing For Face Detection And Localization
17 A 140-Mhz 94 K Gates Hd1080p 30-Frames/S Intra-Only Profile H.264 Encoder
18 Adaptive Color Feature Extraction Based On Image Color Distributions
19 Iterative Image Fusion Technique Using Fuzzy And Neuro Fuzzy Logic And Applications
20 Automated Driver-Less Trains By Image Processing
21 General Road Detection From A Single Image
22 Infant Cry Analysis And Detection
23 Adaptive Wavelet Wiener Filtering Of ECG Signals
24 A Heart Disease Recognition Embedded System With Fuzzy Cluster Algorithm
25 Investigation Of Speech Separation As A Front-End For Noise Robust Speech Recognition
26 Low-Rank Approximation Based Multichannel Wiener Filter Algorithms For Noise Reduction With Application In Cochlear Implants
27 A Chaotic Theoretical Approach To ECG-Based Identity Recognition
28 Speaker Tracking Using Recursive EM Algorithms
29 Nonlinear Audio Systems Identification Through Audio Input Gaussianization
30 EEG-Based Classification Of Fast And Slow Hand Movements Using Wavelet-CSP Algorithm
31 Sparse Classifier Fusion For Speaker Verification
32 Myocardial Motion Estimation From Medical Images Using the Monogenic Signal
33 Discriminative Tandem Features For HMM-Based EEG Classification
34 Bayesian Learning For Spatial Filtering In Eeg-Based Braincomputer Interface
35 Classification Of EMG Signals Using Combined Features And Soft Computing Techniques
36 Risk Analysis In Cancer Disease By Using Fuzzy Logic
37 Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps For Medical Decision Making
38 Generalized Eeg-Based Drowsiness Prediction System By Using A Self-Organizing Neural Fuzzy System
39 Noise-Assisted Data Processing With Empirical Mode Decomposition In Biomedical Signals
40 Generalized Eeg-Based Drowsiness Prediction System By Using A Self-Organizing Neural Fuzzy System
41 Speaker Identification System Using Empirical Mode Decomposition And An Artificial Neural Network
42 Methods For ECG Signal Compression With Reconstruction Via Cubic Spline Approximation
43 A Novel Approach For The Detection Of Drunken Driving Using The Power Spectral Density Analysis Of EEG
44 Deaf Speech Assessment Using Digital Processing Techniques
45 Sonar Signal Detection And Classification Using Artificial Neural Networks
46 Echo Detection And Echo Cancellation
47 Audio Water Marking In Mp3 Sequences
48 Matlab GUI Controlled Home/Industrial Automation
49 Robot Controlling Using Gui And Audio Video Capturing Using Matlab
50 Heart Beat Signal Monitoring On PC Using Matlab
51 Material Handling Robot Controlling Through Wireless Zigbee From Matlab
52 Fire Detection And Automatic Controlling Using Image Processing
53 Fire Detection Based On Image Processing With Wireless Video Camera
54 Automatic Image Resizing By Seam Carving
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