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Embedded GSM Projects For Btech/BE Students

Engineering students those who are pursuing Btech final year they have gsm based btech projects,so students will get real time knowledge and how to the projects in a proper manner

1 Remote monitoring system through GSM
2 New Design for Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Based on GSM Module TC35i
3 Freighter fuel level detection and overload alarming system with safety notification via GSM
4 A low cost industrial fuse changeover system with GSM based auto annunciation
5 Mobile enabled bus tracking and ticketing system
6 Real time metroplitan bus positionin system desing using GPS and GSM
7 A new approach of RFID and GSM assisted navigation system for VANETs
8 Intelligent fleet management System with concurrent GPS & GSM Real time positioning technology
9 GSM Based advanced Prepaid Energy Meter for electrical applications
10 Solar panel and battery street light monitoring system using GSM wireless communication system
11 Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with SMS alert system using GSM
12 Un Comparable And Intelligent Traffic Control System Using Ir And GSM
13 Remote Notice Board Implementation Using GSM Communication
14 Remote home security system based on WSN and GSM technology
15 Low power AMT acquisition network based on ZigBee and GPS
16 Design & Development Of A GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System
17 Advance energy management using GSM technology
18 Boarder security and safety alert system using GSM
19 An Innovative college bus information system to students using GSM
20 Accident detection for release airbag using GSM, GPS & MEMS using microcontroller
21 Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network
22 GSM based wireless home appliances monitoring & control system
23 Street light control using GSM
24 Home Automation with GSM using AT89s52
25 GPS and GSM Based error free Accident Identification and Information System
26 GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police
27 GSM& GPS integration for enhancing public transportation services
28 Integra ted safety for vehicle using GSM
29 Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft control and Accident Notification
30 GPS a nd GSM based office cab monitoring alerting and logging system
31 GPS based train location tracking system with SMS facility
32 GPS and GSM based Real-time Human Health Monitoring and Alert System for Cardiac patients
33 SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller with password protection
34 Home appliances monitoring and controlling system using GSM with fencing auto alerts
35 High Power LED based intelligent streetlight controlling system with GSM based Vehicle
36 GSM based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) implementation
37 GSM Modem based irrigation water pump controller for illiterates
38 Smart card and GSM based advanced security system
39 Voice enable device switching for physically challenged and emergency alerts through SMS
40 Temperature based Fan Speed Controller and SMS alerts using GSM modem
41 GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading system with Instant Billing
42 GPS Integrity Monitoring for an Intelligent Transport System
43 A Smart Prepaid Energy Metering System to Control Electricity Theft
44 Vehicle Tracking Using GSM and GPS
45 Arm hardware platform for vehicular monitoring and tracking
46 Design and Realization of Home Appliances Control System Based on GSM
47 Detecting and warning system for fireworks warehouse based on wireless sensor networks
48 Smart Parking Reservation System using Short Message Services (SMS)
49 Intelligent fleet management System with concurrent GPS & GSM Real time positioning technology
50 A tracking system using location prediction and dynamic threshold for minimizing SMS
51 global positioning system
52 GSM based automatic energy meter reading system with instant billing
53 Fall detection system for elderly with GSMcommunication and GPS localization
54 Silicon eyes: GPS-GSM based navigation assistant for visually impaired using capacitive
55 touch braille keypad and smart SMS facility
56 Design of household control system based on ZigBee, GSM and TCP/IP protocol
57 Low cost electricity meter reading system using GSM
58 An efficient SMS-based framework for public health surveillance
59 GSM Based induction motor parameters measurement system
60 GSM Based induction motor speed control system
61 Speed control of dc motor through GSM
62 closed loop speed control of dc motor through GSM
63 GSM Based home security system using GSM
64 Home automation system using GSM
65 GSM Based patient health care system heart beat senor, temperature sensor and glucose monitoring
66 Autom atic accident protection using GSM
67 GSM based GAS theft control system
68 GSM based gas leakage detection system
69 wireless notice board using GSM module
70 SMS based device control system like fans, lights and other household devices
71 Home security system with automatic calling to police station and home owner
72 Intelligent electricity billing and cut off system for energy through GSM
73 water level detector using GSM
74 Automatic billing of water using GSM
75 Patient ECG transfer to doctor automatically through GSM
76 Realti me data acquisition system through GSM
77 Weather monitoring system using GSM
78 Border security system with GSM
79 Auto irrigation system through SMS
80 SMS based voting system using GSM module
81 Fir monitoring and control system using SMS and GSM
82 Industrial automation system using GSM module and password protection
83 8051 based wireless automated messaging system using GSM
84 Security system with voice control through GSM and speech reorganization
85 Wireless heart beat sensor using GSM
86 wireless temperature sensor using GSM
87 wireless pressure sensor using GSM and microcontroller
88 Wireless power generation monitoring system through GSM
89 wireless solar panel energy measurement system using GSM module and microcontroller
90 Home appliances control system through voice and GSM
91 Vehicle gas leakage and petrol leakage detector using GSM and microcontroller
92 Vehicle position monitoring system with GSM and GPS module
93 UPS battery parameters monitoring system over SMS
94 Automatic fan control speed system with temperature sensor and GSM module
95 Students results declaration system using GSM
96 Students automatic assignments announcement system using GSM and pic microcontroller
97 SMS based home security system
98 SMS based industrial security system
99 SMS based supervisory control and acquisition system for industry
100 GSM based speed control of AC motor using thyristors and firing angle control circuit
101 GSM operated line follower robot
102 GSM controlled obstacle avoidance robot
103 GSM controlled fighting robot
104 GSM controlled fire extinguisher robot
105 GSM operated table solver robot
106 Remote control of production system for industry using GSM
107 wireless real-time home control system using GSM and ZigBee
108 Railway security system using GSM
109 School gate security using GSM
110 Railway track monitoring system using GSM
111 Railway accident protection system using GPS and GSM modules
112 Prepaid electricity billing system using GSM module
113 Green house monitoring and controlling with sms using GSM module
114 Vending machine control system with sms
115 UPS protection system with sms
116 House wiring protection system and control with GSM
117 Accident informed system using GSM module
118 Vehicle engine control system in case of theft using GSM
119 Automatic meter reading for electricity bills using GSM module
120 Automatic AC controller using GSM and temperature sensor
121 Home automation system through call
122 Credit card and debit card security system with single sms using GSM module
123 Regular sms report of industrial production of different things using GSM module
124 Vehicle fuel monitoring system using GSM module
125 Dam water controlling system using GSM
126 Generator real and reactive power control system using GSM
127 Transmission lines parameters monitoring system using GSM
128 Automatic power factor improvement of industrial load using GSM module
129 Power factor monitoring system for transmission lines using GSM module
130 Solar panels parameters measurement system and monitoring using GSM module
131 Rain level monitoring system using GSM module
132 GSM based notice board with graphical liquid crystal display
133 GSM based substation monitoring system and protection system
134 Weather monitoring system through GSM module
135 Un comparable and intelligent traffic control system using IR and GSM
136 Remote notice board implementation using GSM communication
137 Design and development of a GSM based vehicle theft control system
138 Accident detection for release airbag using GSM, GPS & MEMS using controller
139 Integrated safety for vehicle using GSM
140 An innovative college bus information system to students using GSM
141 Remote home security system based on WSN and GSM technology
142 Voice enable device switching for physically challenged and emergency alerts through GSM using arduino micro controller
143 Border security and safety alert system using gsm with arduino micro controller
144 Advance energy management using GSM technology
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