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Btech/BE Embedded Based Energy Management Projects

Engineering students those who are doing Btech and have an interest on latest embedded IOT project topics & ideas for those kind of people,we provide various list of embedded systems IOT projects for final year btech students

1 Embedded Controlled Gardening An Academically
2 Automated Protection Of Power Transformers At Distribution Grid Connected To Green Energy Sources
3 Micro-Controller Based Over Current Relay Using Hall Effect Current Sensor
4 Monitoring System For Solar Panel Using Smartphone Based On Microcontroller
5 Hardware Design Of Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter Using Arduino Microcontroller And Its Harmonic Analysis
6 Intelligent Condition Monitoring System For Distribution Transformer And Health Status Diagnosis
7 Smart Meter Privacy Exploiting The Potential Of Household Energy Storage Units
8 Embedded system for home automation using SMS
9 Advanced Rural Transportation Systems
10 Advanced Vehicle Control Systems
11 Advanced Public Transportation System APTS/ Intelligent Transport System/ Vehicle Positioning System
12 Autonomous emergency stop system
13 Automated energy saving and safety system
14 Autonomous tour guide robot by using ultrasonic range sensors and QR code recognition in indoor environment
15 Electronic Toll Collection
16 Automatic Terminal Information Service or ATIS
17 Design and implementation of low cost automatic meter reading using GPRS technology
18 Intelligent Car Lighting System using LDR
19 A control design for vehicle speed with multilevel using wireless Communication Technology
20 Token number display with voice and security using microcontroller
21 GSM controlled door latch opener with security autodial-up
22 Research and design of restaurant service in wireless call system
23 Pic16f877a based industrial time operated machine with lcd display / time operated electrical appliance controlling system
24 A Virtual Control System for Automotive and Railway Industries
25 A Virtual Control System for Automotive and Railway Industries
26 Monitoring of Engine Parameters
27 Wireless Crane Control System using PC
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