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Can Protocol Based Projects For Btech/BE Students

Engineering Students those who are pursuing Btech final year they can get Can Protocol Based Engineering Projects.These Btech Projects Using Can Protocol are helpful to get real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

1 MCS-51 microcontroller based industrial automation and control system using CAN protocol
2 Bus data acquisition and remote monitoring system based On CAN bus and GPRS
3 Simulated Analysis on the Automobile Body Electrical Control System Based on CAN-LIN Bus
4 Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Wind Turbines Based on CAN
5 Measurement and Control System of Soil Moisture of Large Greenhouse Group Based on CAN Bus
6 A CAN based Distributed Control System for autonomous all terrain vehicle
7 Smart And Secure Environment For Automobiles Using Can Protocol
8 Smart and secure environment for automobiles using can protocol
9 Highway Cruise Control Using RF-id Technology and CAN Protocol With Parental Lock for Automotive
10 ISO Standard CAN Protocol implementation on ARM7TDMI Controller
11 Designing of Device Driver for CAN Protocol Using ARM7 Architecture
13 Designing of Advance, Flexible, Informative and User Friendly CAN based Information Display System for Automobiles of the future
14 Designing of Device Driver for CAN Protocol Using ARM7 Architecture
15 Design and Implementation of Multi CAN Network for Automotive communication protocol
16 Designing of Hybrid fuel system for vehicles using Fuel Cell with CAN Protocol for communication
17 Automation of Home Application for Elder and Physically Challenged using RF and CAN
18 Flight parameters based on CAN protocol
19 Real time implementation of CAN protocol in automobiles
20 Vehicle dash board using CAN communication
21 CAN Based Distributed Control System For Autonomous All- Terrain Vehicle(ATV).
22 Industrial Automation Using CAN Protocol
23 Multivariable Parameter Interfacing With CAN Bus
24 CAN protocol enable multi-region monitoring and control system.
25 Touch Screen based communication assistant in Airlines using high speed CAN communication
26 CAN protocol Implementation for Industrial Process monitor and control
27 Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using CAN
28 CAN based Smart Car Security System
29 CAN based Exteriors – Design & Implementation
30 Complete Automation of Automobile Control System using CAN
31 CAN based Collision Avoidance System for Automobiles
32 Control of Process Parameters in Industries using CAN
33 Speedometer Implementation using CAN
34 CAN based Industrial Automation
35 Implementation of Airbag System through CAN
36 Intellect speed breaker system using CAN
37 Automated Vehicle Security System with ZigBee Keyless Entry over CAN
38 Adaptive Front lighting System using Fuzzy Logic over CAN - LIN Multiplexed Network
39 Automatic Head Light Dimmer and Speed Control for Automotive Vehicles using CAN-LIN
40 Control of Process Parameters in Industries using CAN
41 Driver Assist Co-Pilot System for Emergency Cruise Control using Hybrid Sensor Network of Wired CAN and Wireless PAN
42 Smart Automatic Windscreen Wiper Control System using Fuzzy Logic and LIN
43 Automated Highway Network for Traffic Analyzer and Vehicle Speed Regulator over CAN
44 Train Collision Prevention System using Automatic Block Signaling Network over CAN
45 Hospital Area Network for Multiple ECG Signal Acquisition over High Speed CAN
46 Autonomous Self Parking Vehicle using CAN
47 A Multichannel Temperature Acquisition System Based On Arm 7 & CAN
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