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Btech/BE Embedded Automation Projects

Engineering students those who are doing Btech and have an interest on latest embedded based Automation project topics & ideas for those kind of people,we provide various list of embedded systems automation projects for final year btech students

1 Smart mote - An innovative autonomous Wireless Sensor Node architecture
2 Reliability of an in-vehicle warning system for railway level crossings - a user-oriented analysis
3 Embedded system for home automation using SMS
4 Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection
5 Autonomous emergency stop system
6 Automated energy saving and safety system
7 Autonomous tour guide robot by using ultrasonic range sensors and QR code recognition in indoor environment
8 Remote monitoring in home automation using low cost microcontroller
9 Car to car communication based on GPS and WI-FI
10 Design and Realization of the accelerometer based Transportation system
11 Implementation OF Real Time Passenger Information System Using GPRS
12 Advanced Rural Transportation Systems
13 Advanced Vehicle Control Systems
14 Advanced Public Transportation System APTS/ Intelligent Transport System/ Vehicle Positioning System
15 Multipoint Wireless Data Acquisition System for Smart Vehicle /Black box system/Online DATA Acquisition system for Smart vehicle/Vehicle data loggers
16 Electronic Toll Collection
17 Automatic Terminal Information Service or ATIS
18 Design and implementation of low cost automatic meter reading using GPRS technology
19 Smart road and vehicle system
20 Intelligent Car Lighting System using LDR
21 A control design for vehicle speed with multilevel using wireless Communication Technology
22 Automatic Toll Gate Management and Vehicle Access Intelligent Control System Based on ARM7 Microcontroller
23 Automatised Toll Gate System Using Passive RFID and GSM Technology
24 Microcontroller Based Controlling & Monitoring of Gas Run Automobiles
25 Token number display with voice and security using microcontroller
26 GSM controlled door latch opener with security autodial-up
27 Research and design of restaurant service in wireless call system
28 Pic16f877a based industrial time operated machine with lcd display / time operated electrical appliance controlling system
29 A Virtual Control System for Automotive and Railway Industries
30 Design of vehicle bus data acquisition and fault diagnosis system
31 Data acquisition system with controller area network and sd card
32 Research on an Integral Driving Controller Based on DSP for Robot Moving Joints
33 The design of a vehicle network using can/lin gateway based on arm
34 Design of online interactive data acquisition and control system for embedded real-time applications
35 Data acquisition system with controller area network and sd card
36 A Modified remote control car that drives autonomously between lanes and avoids forward collisions
37 Smart Conveyor With Color Sense And Dimension Analysis
38 Wireless Multi-Sense base Environmental Airflow Control System System
39 Design of online interactive data acquisition and control system for embedded real-time applications
40 Design of Vehicle Safety System with Double Active belt system and ABS
41 Analysis of precast data transferred over the serial data bus and utilized by sdm-ds module
42 Implementation of Network Communication Device Driver for Samsung S3CEV40 based on ARM7 Architecture
43 Development of SPI Driver for Graphical Display System on ARM7TDMI
44 RS-485 based multi axis motor controller
45 The Multi-computer Communication System Based on RS485
46 DTMF based industrial Automation
47 DTMF based home automation
48 Automation of agriculture system using mobile phone
49 Mobile controlled robot with stereo vision
50 DTMF controlled bomb detecting robot
51 Vehicle Safety Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue using Eye Blink Sensor
52 Intelligent Transport System using Wireless Technologies
53 Density Traffic Analyzer - Traffic Control System for Ambulance Service Design & Implementation
54 Rail Track Inspector
55 Coach Location Monitoring and Identification
56 Design and Implementation of Railway Automation System with Sensors Network
57 Cockpit White Box
58 Parameters Checking Before Take Off
59 Testing of Aircraft Box and Accessories before Take off
60 Bidirectional Communication Aircraft Landing System – ALS
61 Data Acquiring System for Airports
62 Radio-Controlled Surveillance System for Borders and Restricted Areas – Flying Helicopter Ariel View System
63 Density Traffic Analyzer - Traffic Control System for Ambulance Service Design & Implementation
64 Real Time Mid-Air Fight Collision Avoidance System with Auto Warning & Flight Id, Position,Monitoring through Radio Frequency Link & PC
65 Auto Flight Pilot Simulation Applied in Real Time & Remote Monitoring using High Speed RF Data Link for UAV / Flight
66 Wireless Sensor Network based Model for Secure Railway Operations – Performance, Computing & Communication Conference
67 Advanced Train Compartment Information Display System for Modern Railways
68 Automatic Railway Gate Signaling Simulator & Controller
69 Automated & Unmanned Control System of Railway crossing using Wireless IR Sensor
70 Model Railroad Automated Track Inspection Car
71 Blind Spot Location Identification - Bus Alert System for Vision Impaired People
72 Vehicle Emission -- Automated Vehicle Emission Testing (Co2) and Issuing online Certificate
73 Traffic Control System for Effective Ambulance Service – Design & Implementation
74 An Enhanced Parking Lot Service Model using Wireless Sensor Network
75 Application of Fuzzy Logic in Intelligent Traffic Control Systems
76 Automatic Auto Head Lamp Dim - Dip, Bright Illumination, Brightness Control System of A Vehicle
78 Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of AC Motor using Microcontroller with Line Fault Identification
79 Fuzzy based Speed Control of Induction Motor using Microcontroller
80 Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of DC Motor
81 Speed Control of AC Motor with Multi Parameter Monitoring
82 Speed Control of DC Motor with Field & Armature Control
83 Cyclo converter Drive for AC Motors
84 Digital PID Controller based Speed Control of DC Motor
85 Speed Control of a Linear Induction Motor V/F Technique
86 Noise Less Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM Converter
87 Brushless Speed Control of DC Motor
88 PWM based Bidirectional Speed Control of DC Motor
89 Voltage Stresses On Stator Windings of Induction Motors Driven By IGBT PWM Inverters
90 Sensor less Speed Control of AC Induction Motor using Microcontroller
91 Speed Control of DC Motor using FQ / TQ Chopper Drive
92 Cell Phone based Motor Speed Control
93 Closed Loop Dc Motor Speed Controller
94 Frequency Locked Loop Dc Motor Speed Control
95 IGBT based Dc Motor Drive Control System
96 Slip Ring induction Motor Drive with Slip Recovery using IGBT
97 Efficiency Detector for Relay & Circuit Breaker
98 Single Phase Multilevel Inverter SPWM with PC Interface and OLM
99 Wireless DC Motor Speed Control using Triac
100 Single Phase Input to DC Output – DC Motor Drive-Armature Voltage Control
101 Single Phase Thyristorized Power Controller for Industrial Applications
102 Microcontroller based Firing Circuit for Thyristor Converters
103 Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four-wheeler
104 Automatic temperature controller with cooling system for car
105 SMS Based automatic vehicle accident information system
106 Remote controlled material handling equipment
107 Automatic reserve indication system
108 SMS based automatic two-wheeler locking system
109 GPS based vehicle route tracking system
110 Fabrication of Automatic headlamp alignment system with Dim/Bright Controller
111 Automatic sensor based wall painting robot
112 GPS based automatic vehicle accident information system
113 Remote controlled tilting handicapped wheel chair
114 SMS based vehicle Ignition controlling system
115 Electrical Power Generation system using Railway track
116 Automatic material handling Fire Fighting Robot
117 Cell phone controlled Solar Vehicle
118 Automatic Railways Signaling System
119 Automatic Rain operated wiper and Head light Dim/Bright Controller
120 Artificial Intelligent Based Automatic Path finding Cum Video Analyzing vehicle
121 Automotive Network Diagnostics with Crash Data Retrieval System
122 Automatic Vehicle Speed Management System
123 Monitoring of Engine Parameters
124 Train Engine Automation System
125 Wireless Crane Control System using PC
126 Intelligent System for Vehicle Parking Guidance System
127 Intelligent System for Aiding Public In Transportation and Stage Announcement System
128 Car Speed Monitor and Data Logger System
129 Solar Car Automation
130 GPS & GSM Interface for Tracking System
131 Accident Prevention
132 Smart Room Controller using Human Presence Detector
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