Btech/BE Embedded Arduino Projects

Engineering students those who are doing Btech and have an interest on latest embedded based Arduino project topics & ideas for those kind of people,we provide various list of embedded systems arduino projects for final year btech students

1 Touch panel based wheel chair for handicapped persons
2 Uncomparable and intelligent traffic control system using IR and GSM
3 Remote notice board implementation using GSM communication
4 Design and development of a GSM based vehicle theft control system
5 Wireless black box using mems accelerometer and gps tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles
6 A robot motion authoring using finger-robot interaction
7 Accident detection for release airbag using GSM, GPS & MEMS using controller
8 Integrated safety for vehicle using GSM
9 An innovative college bus information system to students using GSM
10 ICU patient monitoring system with automatic sms system using GSM zigbee wireless technology
11 Real-time atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of India
12 Design and implementation of maximum power tracking system by automatic control of solar panel direction according to the sun direction
13 Voice controlled wheel chair for physically handicapped persons
14 Led-ldr based robot railway track fault detecting robot
15 Remote controlled robot using the android applications
16 Remote home security system based on WSN and GSM technology
17 Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal miners safety purpose
18 Development of gas leak detection and location system based on wireless technology
19 RFID based paid car parking
20 RFID based bus recognition system for blind people
21 A coat with heart attack detector with arduino micro controller
22 Voice enable device switching for physically challenged and emergency alerts through GSM using arduino micro controller
23 Detection of live human being using wireless remote control inside the building with arduino micro controller
24 Coin based mobile charger for multiple phones with auto tracking using arduino micro controller.
25 Vision based automatic parking system using arduino micro-controller.
26 Finger print based money management system for atm backend operations using arduino micro controller
27 Automatic room light controller with visitor counter using arduino micro controller
28 Remote controlled robot using the android applications
29 Intelligent train tracking system using arduino micro controller
30 Border security and safety alert system using gsm with arduino micro controller
31 An Arduino-based EIS with a logarithmic amplifier for corrosion monitoring
32 A system for dynamic contact resistance with Arduino platform on MV and HV circuit breaker
33 A Study on Augmented Reality Application in Situational Simulation Learning
34 Mono-camera robotic system for tracking moving objects
35 Embedded system design of an advanced illumination measurement system for highways
36 Laboratory model helicopter control using a lowcost Arduino hardware
37 Delay tolerant network for autonomous robotic vehicle charging and hazard detection
38 HOME FADS: A dedicated fire alert detection system using ZigBee wireless network
39 Wireless monitoring system and controlling software for Smart Greenhouse Management
40 Cooperative Development of an Arduino-Compatible Building Automation System for the Practical Teaching of Electronics
41 A low cost portable oscilloscope based on Arduino and GLCD
42 Decentralized fault tolerance mechanism for intelligent IoT/M2M middleware
43 Implementation of Mind Control Robot
44 A competition-based approach for undergraduate mechatronics education using the arduino platform
45 Balancing system of tray on waiter robot using complementary filter and fuzzy logic
46 API for communication between Labview and Arduino UNO
47 Towards technology localization: Controlling treadmill speed using heart rate
48 Reconfigurable antenna system with a movable ground plane for cognitive radio
49 Advance energy management using GSM technology
50 Photovoltaic plant array reconfiguration: Design of a new device
51 Segment wise communication delay measurement for Smart Grid applications
52 Development of an ambulatory ECG system based on Arduino and mobile telephony for wireless transmission
53 Controlling the operating conditions in an operating room
54 Arduino based power semiconductors tester for urban traction systems
55 Design and implementation of a rule-based learning algorithm using Zigbee wireless sensors for energy management
56 Implementation of WSN which can simultaneously monitor temperature conditions and control robot for positional accuracy
57 A course for teaching integrated system design to computer engineering students
58 A flexible and cost effective gate drive platform for rapid prototyping
59 Software application for analyzing ZigBee network performance in university courses
60 The color of the light: A remote laboratory that uses a smart device that connects teachers and students
61 Development of wireless EMG control system for rehabilitation Arduino devices
62 Developing the control system of a syringe infusion pump
63 A low cost portable oscilloscope based on Arduino and GLCD
64 Reconfiguration strategies to reduce mismatch effects on PV array: An Arduino-based prototype
65 A Framework for Environmental Monitoring with Arduino-Based Sensors Using Restful Web Service
66 Physical indicators of cyber attacks against a rescue robot
67 Low flow data logger in membrane distillation: An interdisciplinary laboratory in process control
68 Monitoring and control of a reptile terrarium
69 Brain Machine Interface for wrist movement using Robotic Arm
70 On-cloth wearable E-nose for monitoring and discrimination of body odor signature
71 Pole counter for diametrically magnetized ring or disk magnets
72 Web based service to monitor automatic irrigation system for the agriculture field using sensors
73 A co-simulation platform for medium/low voltage monitoring and control applications
74 Web based service to monitor automatic irrigation system for the agriculture field using sensors
75 A co-simulation platform for medium/low voltage monitoring and control applications
76 Implementation of flash flood monitoring system based on wireless sensor network
77 Low cost combined voltage and current transducer for Smart Meters
78 Sampled-Data Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control of Vehicles With Sensor Failures
79 Development of a generic network enabled autonomous vehicle system
80 Design of Arduino-based communication agent for rural Indian microgrids
81 Real time fuzzy controller for quadrator stability control
82 Implementation of Mind Control Robot
83 PMA: Power Monitoring Application for Android
84 Big Data Infrastructure for analyzing data generated by Wireless Sensor Networks
85 An Arduino-based indoor positioning system (IPS) using visible light communication and ultrasound
86 A flexible and reconfigurable controller design for buck converters
87 Control of robotic hand simulator via human hand motion analysis based on EMG
88 A very simple user access control technique through smart device authentication using Bluetooth communication
89 Vehicular pollution monitoring using IoT
90 Design of microcontroller based multi-functional relay for automated protective system
91 Evaluation of signal smoothing algorithms for stability of a quadrotor MAV
92 Educational haptic controller based on Arduino platform
93 The role of MAC routing in wireless sensor networks
94 Rapid development of a balloon-borne CDH system using COTS electronics and open source software
95 When Arduino Meets Kinect: An Intelligent Ambient Home Entertainment Environment
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