B.Tech Android Projects
1 A Wi-Fi based Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring an Agricultural Environment
2 Mobile application as a tool for urban traffic data collection and generation to Advanced Traveler...
3 Industrial Monitoring with Android Mobile Application using Wi-Fi
4 Robot controlling wirelessly through Wi-Fi technology.
5 Wi fi based Wireless Heart beat monitoring system on android phone
6 Robot controlling wirelessly through Wi-Fi
7 Microcontroller based Heartbeat on Android phone
8 Android controlled scrolling LED message display
9 Android controlled speech and text based scrolling LED message display
10 Android speech recognition based Home automation
11 Android speech recognition based Lamp dimmer
12 Android speech recognition controlled intelligent Robot
13 Android speech recognition controlled intelligent Wheel chair
14 Wi fi based Wireless Heart beat monitoring system on android phone
15 Android Smart Phone based Detection and Communication System
16 Android based real time lamp dimmer over Bluetooth
17 Android operated Intelligent 230v AC Lamp Dimmer.
18 Smart phone based data logger
19 Bluetooth Energy Meter.
20 Google Android Smart phone operated Motor Control System Bluetooth based advanced wireless home automation system.
21 Robot controlling wirelessly through Wi-Fi
22 Android Smart Phone operated Intelligent Home.
23 Aquatic water quality monitoring system using Bluetooth
24 Event driven automation with Android backup control
25 Smart phone Android Operated Robot.
26 Android phone Accelerometer sensor based Robot Navigator.
27 Android phone temperature data logger over Bluetooth
28 Google Android operated Smart Home.
29 Remote controlled robot using the android applications
30 A reliable and fast routing data transmission protocol for Wi-Fi based real-time patient monitoring system
31 Low cost heart rate monitoring device using Bluetooth
32 A portable oxygen concentration detection and monitor system using a smart phone and a portable sensor module
33 Texas instruments MSP430 microcontroller based portable multipurpose instrument for android platform
34 A reliable and fast routing data transmission protocol for Wi-Fi based real-time patient monitoring system
35 Intelligent Fusion of Wi-Fi and Inertial Sensor-Based Positioning Systems for Indoor Pedestrian Navigation
36 Wi-Fi Direct data transmission for wireless medical devices
37 Development of wireless RGB LED dimming control technology using smart phone
38 Implementation of 802.15.4 for designing of home automation and power monitoring system
39 Android interface based GSM home security system
40 Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth and internet connectivity
41 Presence detection, identification and tracking in smart homes utilizing bluetooth enabled Smartphone’s.
42 Development of a mind-controlled Android racing game using a brain computer interface (BCI).
43 Design and implementation of a Bluetooth air finger mouse.
44 The study on coal mine using the Bluetooth wireless transmission.
45 Remote control robot using Android mobile device
46 Android interface based GSM home security system
47 Proximity-based reminders using Bluetooth
48 Android-based navigation system for elderly people in hospital
49 Car navigation user interface based on a Smartphone
50 Smartphone based continuous monitoring system for home-bound elders and patients
51 Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth and internet connectivity
52 Bluetooth technologies for Industrial Application
53 Instrumentation for laser physics and spectroscopy using 32-bit microcontrollers with an Android tablet interface.
54 Wireless Machine-to-Machine Healthcare Solution Using Android Mobile Devices in Global Networks.
55 Remote Monitoring System of ECG and Human Body Temperature Signals.
56 Designing Android Applications Using Voice Controlled Commands:For Hands Free Interaction with Common Household Devices.
57 Real-time Bluetooth communication between an FPGA based embedded system and an Android phone.
58 Smart mobile system for health parameters follow ship based on WSN and android.
59 Personal health monitoring with Android based mobile devices.
60 An ubiquitous miniaturized android based ECG monitoring system.
61 A portable platform development for Android-based healthcare monitoring.
62 Remote control of model vehicles using Android mobile devices.
63 Evaluation of the android-based fall detection system with physiological data monitoring.
64 Design and implementation of a wireless densitometer with smartphone interface.
65 Pervasive health care system for monitoring oxygen saturation using pulse oximeter sensor.
66 A Remote Computer Control System Using Speech Recognition Technologies of Mobile Devices.
67 Mobile application for driver's health status remote monitoring.
68 Enabling Mobile Devices for Home Automation Using ZigBee
69 A new mobile health application for an ubiquitous information system
70 Portable wireless biomedical temperature monitoring system Architecture and implementation.
71 Robot control design based on smartphone
72 Vehicle anti-theft tracking system based on Internet of things
73 Smartphones for smart wheelchairs
74 Password based remote controlled door opening by android application
75 Metal detection robotic vehicle using android application
76 Pick n place robotic arm and movement controlled by android wirelessly
77 Remote password operated security control by android applications
78 Remotely operated fire fighting robot by android applications
79 Remote speed control of dc motor by android applications
80 Remote controlled home automation using android applications
81 Remotely controlled android based electronic notice board
82 Remote operated domestic appliances control by using android application.
83 Remote operated ac power control with LCD display using android applications
84 War field spying robot with night vision wireless camera by android applications
85 Remotely operated four quadrant dc motor control by android applications.
86 Android based remote programmable sequential
87 Remote operated density based auto traffic signal control with android applications
88 Android phone surveillance system
89 Implementation of cuff less continuous blood pressure measurement system based on android
90 Mobile sensor data collector using android Smartphone
91 Portable heart rate detector based on photoplethysmography with android programmable devices.
92 Android based emergency alarm and healthcare management system
93 Doctor-patient interaction system based on android
94 Environment sensing using Smartphone
95 Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot
96 Remote automatic meter reading system based on Bluetooth
97 Android mobile Bluetooth operated robot
98 Secure data transmission using Bluetooth
99 Android meets led bulbs in smart-home automation
100 Ind ustrial parameters monitoring (temp fire gas LDR smoke intruder vibration) using android smart phone
101 Ind ustrial parameters monitoring (temp fire gas LDR smoke intruder vibration) using android smart phone
102 De sign of integrated mine safety monitoring system based on Bluetooth
103 An droid phone accelerometer sensor based robot navigator
104 An droid smart phone controlled intelligent wheel chair
105 Exp loiting Bluetooth on android mobile devices for home security application.
106 An droid Bluetooth based college notice board using scrolling led
107 An droid Bluetooth remote control for home appliances
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