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Mtech/ME Dotnet Networking Projects

Final year Mtech projects on dotnet networking.Get the list of dotnet networking projects for mtech students .We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

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1 A Decentralized Replica placement algorithm for Edge computing
2 Joint Bidding and Geographical Load Balancing for Datacenters: Is Uncertainty a Blessing or a Curse?
3 Effects of C/U plane separation and Bearer aggregation in mobile core Network
4 Efficient deep neural network serving fast and furious
5 Enhancing information resilience in Disruptive information centric networks
6 Ghost Riders :sybil Attacks on crowd sourced Mobile mapping services
7 Joint mobility management and Multicast Rate adaption in software defined Enterprise WLANs
8 Probabilistic Code book based fault localization in Data networks
9 Towards Bayesian-based Trust Management for Insider Attacks in Healthcare Software-Defined Networks
10 Traffic Classification Based on Zero-Length Packets
11 Trouble Ticket Routing Models and Their Applications
12 Charging Utility Maximization in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks by Charging Multiple Sensors Simultaneously
13 Context-Aware Hierarchical Online Learning for Performance Maximization in Mobile Crowd sourcing
14 ECN Marking With Micro-Burst Traffic: Problem, Analysis, and Improvement
15 Minimum-Weight Link-Disjoint Node-“Somewhat Disjoint” Paths
16 Oblivious Routing in IP networks
17 Optimal network service chain provisioning
18 Sponsoring mobile data analyzing the impact on internet stack holders
19 BitCoding: Network Traffic Classification Through Encoded Bit Level Signatures
20 Merlin: A Language for Managing Network Resources
21 A Reputation-Based Model for Trust Evaluation in Social Cyber-Physical Systems
22 Computation Peer Offloading for Energy-Constrained Mobile Edge Computing in Small-Cell Networks
23 Data Center Demand Response With On-Site Renewable Generation: A Bargaining Approach
24 Task Allocation Scheme for Cyber Physical Social Systems
25 Trust-based Social Networks with Computing, Caching and Communications: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
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1 An Overlay Architecture for Throughput Optimal Multipath Routing
2 Routing in Accumulative Multi-Hop Networks
3 Coding for Improved Throughput Performance in Network Switches
4 Power Efficiency and Delay Tradeoff of 10GBase-T Energy Efficient Ethernet Protocol
5 A Scalable Framework for Wireless Distributed Computing
6 Efficient Unknown Tag Detection in Large-Scale RFID Systems With Unreliable Channels
7 Data Center Server Provision: Distributed Asynchronous Control for Coupled Renewal Systems
8 Privacy and Integrity Preserving Top-k Query Processing for Two-Tiered Sensor Networks
9 A Longitudinal Measurement Study of TCP Performance and Behavior in 3G/4G Networks Over High Speed Rails
10 On Oblivious Neighbor Discovery in Distributed Wireless Networks With Directional Antennas: Theoretical Foundation and Algorithm Design
11 When to Make a Topic Popular Again? A Temporal Model for Topic Re-hotting Prediction in Online Social Networks
12 Socially-Driven Learning-Based Prefetching in Mobile Online Social Networks
13 Security Implications of Permission Models in Smart-Home Application Frameworks
14 Data-Driven Faulty Node Detection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
15 Further Improving Efficiency of Higher-Order Masking Schemes by Decreasing Randomness Complexity
16 Protecting Secret Key Generation Systems Against Jamming:Energy Harvesting and Channel Hopping Approaches
17 Someone in Your Contact List: Cued Recall- Based Textual Passwords
18 A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Adversarial Classification
19 A New Rule for Cost Reassignment in Adaptive Steganography
20 On the Maximum Rate of Networked Computation in a Capacitated Network
21 E2HRC: An Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Ring Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
22 Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
23 Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile ad-hoc Network Using the Fitness Function
24 Lightweight Three-factor Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Internet-integrated Wireless Sensor Networks
25 Research on Trust Sensing based Secure Routing Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network
1 An Optimization Framework for Mobile Data Collection in Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
2 Distributed and Fair Beaconing Rate Adaptation for Congestion Control in Vehicular Networks
3 Minimizing Radio Resource Usage for Machine-toMachine Communications through Data-Centric Clustering
4 Unlicensed Spectra Fusion and Interference Coordination for LTE Systems
5 On the vulnerabilities of Voronoi-based approaches to mobile sensor deployment
6 A Super process With Upper Confidence Bounds for Cooperative Spectrum Sharing
7 Coverage and Rate Analysis in Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks With Device-to-Device
8 Energy Efficient User Association for Cloud Radio Access Networks
9 Efficient Certificateless Access Control for Wireless Body Area Networks
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1 Delay Optimization and Cross-Layer Design in Multi hop Wireless Networks With Network Coding and Successive Interference Cancelation
2 Power Control and Soft Topology Adaptations in Multi hop Cellular Networks With Multi-Point Connectivity
3 Statistical Dissemination Control in Large Machine–to-Machine Communication Networks
4 Dynamic Open flow-Controlled Optical Packet Switching Network
5 Toward Transparent Co existence for Multi hop Secondary Cognitive Radio Networks
6 Privacy-Preserving Detection of Sensitive Data Exposure
7 Authentication Handover and Privacy Protection in 5G Het Nets Using Software Defined Networking
8 Neighbor Similarity Trust against Sybil Attack in P2P E-Commerce
9 Security-Aware Relaying Scheme for Cooperative Networks With Untrusted Relay Nodes
10 Improving Physical-Layer Security in Wireless Communications Using Diversity Techniques
11 A Two-Layer Recurrent Neural Network for Non smooth Convex Optimization Problems
12 Self-Organizing Neural Networks Integrating Domain Knowledge and Reinforcement Learning
13 Neural Network-Based Model Predictive Control: Fault Tolerance and Stability
14 Learning Understandable Neural Networks With Nonnegative Weight Constraints
15 Multitask Learning of Deep Neural Networks for Low-Resource Speech Recognition
16 A Regression Approach to Speech Enhancement Based on Deep Neural Networks
17 An Enhanced Fuzzy Min–Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification
18 Neural Network-Based Model Design for Short-Term Load Forecast in Distribution Systems
19 Ensemble of Adaptive Rule-Based Granular Neural Network Classifiers forMultispectral Remote Sensing Images
20 State-Clustering Based Multiple Deep Neural Networks Modeling Approach for Speech Recognition
21 Defeating Jamming With the Power of Silence: A Game-Theoretic Analysis
22 Network Under Joint Node and Link Attacks: Vulnerability Assessment Methods and Analysis
23 Reliable and Timely Event Notification for Publish/Subscribe Services Over the Internet
24 Privacy-Preserving Quantification of Cross-Domain Network Reachability
25 Joint Congestion Control And Routing Optimization: An Efficient Second-Order Distributed Approach
26 Fuzzy Based Energy Efficient Multicast Routing For Ad-Hoc Network
27 Serving The Readers Of Scholarly Documents: A Grand Challenge For The Introspective Digital Library
28 Collision Tolerant and Collision Free Packet Scheduling for Underwater Acoustic Localization
29 Defeating Jamming With the Power of Silence: A Game-Theoretic Analysis
30 Universal Network Coding-Based Opportunistic Routing for Unicast
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1 Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
2 Congestion Aware Routing in Nonlinear Elastic Optical Networks
3 A Geometric Deployment and Routing Scheme for Directional Wireless Mesh Networks
4 An Economic Framework for Routing and Channel Allocation in Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks
5 Degraded Service Provisioning in Mixed-Line-Rate WDM Backbone Networks
6 On the Network Sharing of Mixed Network Coding and Routing Data Flows in Congestion Networks
7 QoS Aware Geographic Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
8 Sleep Scheduling for Geographic Routing in Duty-Cycled Mobile Sensor Networks
9 Scalable Dynamic Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
10 A Denial of Service Attack to UMTS Networks Using SIM Less Devices
11 Generating Summary Risk Scores for Mobile Applications
12 Modeling the Propagation of Worms in Networks A Survey
13 Toward Unified Security and Privacy Protection for Smart Meter Networks
14 Security Analysis of Handover Key Management in 4G LTESAE Networks
15 Fast Maximum Likelihood Decoding of the Golden Code
16 Interference Limited Opportunistic Relaying with Reactive Sensing
17 Reduced Complexity Near Capacity Downlink Iteratively Decoded Generalized Multi Layer Space Time Coding Using Irregular Convolutional Codes
18 Opportunistic Routing in Multi radio Multi channel Multi hop Wireless Networks
19 Modified DSR (Preemptive) to reduce link breakage and routing overhead for MANET using Proactive Route Maintenance (PRM)
20 Random Access Transport Capacity
21 Pricing under Constraints in Access Networks Revenue Maximization and Congestion Management
22 An Abuse Free Fair Contract Signing Protocol Based on the RSA Signature
23 Fair Scheduling in Cellular Systems in the Presence of Non cooperative Mobiles
24 Optimization Decomposition for Scheduling and System Configuration in Wireless Networks
25 PACK Prediction Based Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System
26 Green Networking With Packet Processing Engines Modeling and Optimization
27 Content Caching and Scheduling in Wireless Networks With Elastic and Inelastic Traffic
28 A secured energy efficient clustering and data aggregation protocol for wireless sensor network
29 Secure continuous aggregation in wireless sensor networks
30 Design of a probability density function targeting energy efficient node deployment in wireless sensor networks
31 Time synchronization based on slow-flooding in wireless sensor networks
32 Snapshot and continuous data collection in probabilistic wireless sensor networks
33 Qof towards comprehensive path quality measurement in wireless sensor networks
34 Preserving location privacy in wireless lans
34 Energy Efficient Reliable Routing Considering Residual Energy in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
1 Discovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
2 Secure Payment Scheme with Low Communication and Processing Overhead
3 c
4 EMAP Expedite Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
5 Mobi Sync Efficient Time Synchronization for Mobile Underwater Sensor
6 The Target Tracking in Mobile Sensor Networks
7 Redundancy Management of Multipath Routing for Intrusion Tolerance
8 A Distributed Control Law for Load Balancing in Content Delivery Networks
9 A Highly Scalable Key Pre Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
10 An Efficient and Robust Addressing Protocol for Node Autoconfiguration
11 BAHG Back Bone Assisted Hop Greedy Routing for VANETs City Environments
12 Efficient Algorithms for Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Networks
13 Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks in the Wild Pursuit of Ranging Quality
14 Resource Allocation for QoS Support in Wireless Mesh Networks
15 A Model Approach to the Estimation of Peer to Peer Traffic Matrices
16 Exploiting Service Similarity for Privacy in Location Based Search Queries
17 IP Geolocation Mapping for Moderately Connected Internet Regions
18 GKAR A Novel Geographic K Anycast Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
19 Error Tolerant Resource Allocation and Payment Minimization for Cloud stystem
20 Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing Environment
21 Dynamic Optimization of Multi attribute Resource Allocation in Self Organizing Clouds
22 ASAP An Adaptive Sampling Approach to Data Collection in Sensor Networks
23 A New Progressive Algorithm for a Multiple Longest Common Subsequences Problem and Its Efficient Parallelization
24 A General Framework for Efficient Continuous Multidimensional Top-k Query Processing in Sensor Networks
25 A Data Fusion Technique for Wireless Ranging Performance Improvement
26 Harvesting Aware Energy Management for Time Critical Wireless Sensor Networks With Joint Voltage and Modulation Scaling
27 Importance of Coherence Protocols with Network Applications on Multicore Processors
28 Jamming Games in the MIMO Wiretap Channel With an Active Eavesdropper
29 Channel Allocation and Routing in Hybrid Multichannel Multiradio Wireless Mesh Networks
30 Modeling and Optimizing the Performance- Security Tradeoff on D-NCS Using the Coevolutionary Paradigm
31 Localization Based Radio Model Calibration for Fault Tolerant Wireless Mesh Networks
32 Distance Bounding A Practical Security Solution for Real Time Location Systems
33 EAACK A Secure Intrusion Detection System for MANETs
34 Security Analysis of a Single Sign-On Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks
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