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Mtech/ME DotNet Mobile Computing Projects

Final year projects on DotNet Mobile computing for Mtech students.Get the list of DotNet Mobile Computing projects titles for students.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

1 Cooperative Hierarchical Caching and Request Scheduling in a Cloud Radio Access Network
2 Delay-Sensitive Mobile Crowd sensing: Algorithm Design and Economics
3 Infrastructure Sharing for Mobile Network Operators: Analysis of Trade-offs and Market
4 Joint Scheduling and Buffer Management Policies for DTN Applications of Different Traffic Classes
5 Optimal Packet Aggregation Scheduling in Wireless Networks
6 Performance Optimization on Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP in Multi-User MIMO LTE Networks
7 Towards Optimal Network Planning for Software-Defined Networks
8 Traffic-Aware Efficient Mapping of Wireless Body Area Networks to Health Cloud Service Providers in Critical Emergency Situations
1 Searching Trajectories by Regions of Interest
2 ShakeIn: Secure User Authentication of Smartphones with Habitual Single-handed Shakes
3 Distributed Clustering-Task Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Dynamic Hyper Round Policy
1 Service Usage Classification with Encrypted Internet Traffic in Mobile Messaging Apps
1 Game-Theoretic Topology Control for Opportunistic Localization in Sparse Underwater Sensor Networks
2 Interference-Based Topology Control Algorithm for Delay-Constrained Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
3 Self-Organizing Resource Management Framework in OFDMA Femtocells
4 Joint Optimal Data Rate and Power Allocation in Lossy Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Delay-Constrained Traffics
5 Max Contribution An Online Approximation of Optimal Resource Allocation in Delay Tolerant Networks
6 A New Multiple Service Key Management Scheme for Secure Wireless Mobile Multicast
7 Mobile Data Gathering with Load Balanced Clustering and Dual Data Uploading in Wireless Sensor Networks
8 Privacy-Preserving and Truthful Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
9 DaGCM: A Concurrent Data Uploading Framework for Mobile Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
10 A Distributed Three-hop Routing Protocol to Increase the Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks
11 Mobile Data Gathering with Load Balanced Clustering and Dual Data Uploading in Wireless Sensor Networks
12 Optimal Configuration of Network Coding in Ad Hoc Networks
13 Privacy-Preserving and Truthful Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
1 Bandwidth Recycling in IEEE 802.16 Networks
2 On Multihop Distances in Wireless Sensor Networks with Random Node Locations
3 Optimal Jamming Attacks and Network Defense Policies in Wireless Sensor Networks
4 Distributed Relay Assignment Protocols for Coverage Expansion in Cooperative Wireless Networks
5 MABS Multicast Authentication Based on Batch Signature
6 Leveraging Social Networks for P2P Content Based File Sharing in Disconnected MANETs
7 A QoS Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol for Hybrid Wireless Networks
8 A Study on False Channel Condition Reporting Attacks in Wireless Networks
9 Optimal Multicast Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs in MANETs
10 Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks
11 DA Sync A Doppler Assisted Time Synchronization Scheme for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks
12 Preserving Location Privacy in Geosocial Applications
13 An Active Resource Orchestration Framework for PAN Scale Sensor Rich Environments
14 Rate Adaptation for 802.11 Multiuser MIMO Networks
15 Class Based Shared Resource Allocation for Cell Edge Users in OFDMA Networks
16 Designing Truthful Spectrum Double Auctions with Local Markets
17 Joint Interference Coordination and Load Balancing for OFDMA Multi hop Cellular Networks
18 Energy Efficient Reliable Routing Considering Residual Energy in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
19 Novel Channel Hopping Schemes for Cognitive Radio Networks
20 RBTP Low Power Mobile Discovery Protocol through Recursive Binary Time Partitioning
21 Smart DC Mobility Prediction Based Adaptive Duty Cycling for Everyday Location Monitoring
22 Data Retrieval Scheduling for Multi Item Requests inMulti Channel Wireless Broadcast Environments
23 DOTS A Propagation Delay Aware Opportunistic MAC Protocol for Mobile Under water Networks
24 Optimizing Spatial and Temporal Reuse in Wireless Networks by Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
25 Large Scale Synthetic Social Mobile Networks with SWIM
26 Real Time Misbehavior Detection in IEEE 802.11 Based Wireless Networks: An Analytical Approach
27 Enabling Spectrum Sharing in Secondary Market Auctions
28 Investigating the Privacy versus Forwarding Accuracy Tradeoff in Opportunistic Interest Casting
1 Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
2 Distributed Throughput Maximization in Wireless Networks via Random
3 Hop by Hop Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks with Bandwidth Guarantees
4 Adaptive Position Update for Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
5 Cooperative Packet Delivery in Hybrid Wireless Mobile Networks A Coalitional
6 Optimal Multicast Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs in MANETs
7 Relay Selection for Geographical Forwarding in Sleep Wake Cycling Wireless
8 A Neighbor Coverage Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing
9 Network Assisted Mobile Computing with Optimal Uplink Query Processing
10 Target Tracking and Mobile Sensor Navigation in Wireless Sensor Networks
11 On Quality of Monitoring for Multi channel Wireless Infrastructure Networks
12 Toward Accurate Mobile Sensor Network Localization in Noisy Environments
13 Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks with Random APs
14 Power Allocation for Statistical QoS Provisioning in Opportunistic Multi Relay DF Cognitive Networks
15 Delay Optimal Broadcast for Multihop Wireless Networks Using Self Interference Cancellation
16 Pulse Switching Toward a Packet Less Protocol Paradigm for Event Sensing
17 Quality Differentiated Video Multicast in Multirate Wireless Networks
18 Evaluating Temporal Robustness of Mobile Networks
19 Sink Trail A Proactive Data Reporting Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
20 Target Tracking and Mobile Sensor Navigation in Wireless Sensor Networks
21 A Resource Allocation Scheme for Scalable Video Multicast in WiMAX Relay Networks
22 Toward Privacy Preserving and Collusion Resistance in a Location Proof Updating System
23 SSD A Robust RF Location Fingerprint Addressing Mobile Devices Heterogeneity
24 An Investigation on LTE Mobility Management
25 On Exploiting Transient Social Contact Patterns for Data Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks
26 On the Real Time Hardware Implementation Feasibility of Joint Radio Resource Management Policies for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
27 Simple Hybrid and Incremental Postpruning Techniques for Rule Induction
28 Supporting Search As You Type Using SQL in Databases
29 Reinforced Similarity Integration in Image Rich Information Networks
30 Autonomous Sensing Order Selection Strategies Exploiting Channel Access Information
31 Mobile Relay Configuration in Data-Intensive Wireless Sensor Networks
32 Toward a Statistical Framework for Source Anonymity in Sensor Networks
33 On Centralized and Localized Approximation Algorithms for Interference Aware Broadcast Scheduling
34 Model Based Analysis of Wireless System Architectures for Real-Time Applications
35 Successive Interference Cancellation Carving Out MAC Layer Opportunities
36 Vampire Attacks Draining Life from Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
37 Group Based Medium Access Control for IEEE 802.11n Wireless LANs
38 Discovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
39 A Secure Payment Scheme with Low Communication and Processing Overhead for Multihop Wireless Networks
40 A Scalable Server Architecture for Mobile Presence Services in Social Network Applications
41 Secure Communication Based on Ambient Audio
42 Successive Interference Cancellation Carving Out MAC Layer Opportunities
43 Cross Layer Design of Congestion Control and Power Control in Fast Fading Wireless Networks
44 Coloring Based Inter WBAN Scheduling for Mobile Wireless Body Area Networks
45 Cluster Based Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
46 Analysis of Distance Based Location Management in Wireless Communication Networks
47 Gaussian versus Uniform Distribution for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
48 Fast Channel Zapping with Destination Oriented Multicast for IP Video Delivery
49 Exploiting Ubiquitous Data Collection for Mobile Users in Wireless Sensor Networks
50 Dynamic Coverage of Mobile Sensor Networks
51 In Network Estimation with Delay Constraints in Wireless Sensor Networks
52 Microarchitecture of a Coarse Grain Out of Order Superscalar Processor
53 Jamming Games in the MIMO Wiretap Channel With an Active Eavesdropper
54 IDM An Indirect Dissemination Mechanism for Spatial Voice Interaction in Networked Virtual Environments
55 EMAP Expedite Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
56 Channel Assignment for Throughput Optimization in Multichannel Multi radio Wireless Mesh Networks Using Network Coding
57 Receiver Driven Adaptive Enhancement Layer Switching Algorithm for Scalable Video Transmission Over Link adaptive Networks
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