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Mtech/ME Projects On Dotnet Cloud Computing

Final year Mtech dotnet cloud computing projects.Get the list of dotnet cloud computing projects for mtech students.We will give guidelines about the projects,so students will get the real time knowledge and how to do the projects in a correct manner

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1 A cost Effective Deadline-constrained Dynamic scheduling algorithm for scientific workflows in a cloud Environment
2 A Distributed Auction based Framework for Scalable IaaS Provisioning in Geo Data Centers
3 A key policy attribute based temporary keyword search scheme for secure cloud storage
4 A New Lightweight Symmetric Searchable Encryption Scheme for String Identification
5 A Shapley value Mechanism for Bandwidth on Demand between Datacenters
6 Catch You if You Misbehave Ranked Keyword Search Results Verification in Cloud Computing
7 Detecting Performance Anomalies in Cloud Platform Applications
8 Efficient Regular Language Search for Secure Cloud Storage
9 Efficient Traceable Authorization Search System
10 On the Feasibility of Using Current Data Centre Infrastructure for Latency-sensitive Applications
11 Optimizing Information Leakage in Multi cloud Storage Services
12 Privacy Aware Data Deduplication for Side Channel in Cloud Storage
13 Revenue Maximization for Dynamic Expansion of Geo-distributed Cloud Data Centers
14 Risk-Aware Management of Virtual Resources in Access Controlled Service-oriented Cloud Datacenters
15 Towards Efficient Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Workloads in IaaS Clouds
16 Towards Privacy-preserving Content-based Image Retrieval in Cloud Computing
17 Towards Security-based Formation of Cloud
18 EDoS ADS An Enhanced Mitigation Technique against Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) Attacks
19 Improving Operational Efficiency of Applications via Cloud Computing
20 Locality-aware Scheduling for Containers in Cloud Computing
21 Planning Approach for Reassigning Virtual Machines in IaaS Clouds
22 Supporting Data-intensive Workflows in software defined Federated Multiple clouds
23 Translating algorithms to handle fully Homomorphic Encrypted data on the cloud
24 Dynamic VM scaling: provisioning and pricing through an online auction
25 Enhancing performance and energy Efficiency for Hybrid workloads in virtualized cloud Environment
26 Price based Resource allocation for Edge computing :A market equilibrium approach
27 A Robust Generic Multi-Authority AttributesManagement System for Cloud Storage Services
28 Cooperative Set Homomorphic Proofs for Data Possession Checking in Clouds
29 KeyD: Secure Key-Deduplication with Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption
30 Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Delegatable Proofs of Storage with Data Dynamics in Cloud Storage
31 Outsourcing Proofs of Retrievability
32 SESPHR: A Methodology for Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in the Cloud
33 Hedonic Pricing of Cloud Computing Services
34 Cloud Resource Scaling for Time-Bounded and Unbounded Big Data Streaming Applications
35 Dependable Data Outsourcing Scheme Based on Cloud-of-Clouds Approach with Fast Recovery
36 Network and Application-Aware Cloud ServiceSelection in Peer-Assisted Environments
37 Optimizing Quality-Aware Big Data Applications in the Cloud
38 Virtual Network Recognition and Optimization in SDN-enabled Cloud Environment
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1 Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories
2 Securing Aggregate Queries For DNA Databases
3 Fast Phrase Search For Encrypted Cloud Storage
4 A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme For Mobile Cloud Computing
5 Achieving Secure, Universal, and Fine-Grained Query Results Verification for Secure Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
6 Securing Cloud Data under Key Exposure
7 A New Cloud Service Mechanism for Profit Optimizations of a Cloud Provider and Its Users
8 Two-Aggregator Topology Optimization using Multiple Paths in Data Center Networks
9 Application-Aware Big Data Deduplication in Cloud Environment
10 Virtual Machine Migration Planning in Software-Defined Networks
11 Fault Tolerant Stencil Computation on Cloud-based GPU Spot Instances
12 A New Cloud Service Mechanism for Profit Optimizations of a Cloud Provider and Its Users
13 Dynamic Resource Provisioning for Energy Efficient Cloud Radio Access Networks
14 Customer-Satisfaction-Aware Optimal Multiserver Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing
15 Secure Data Sharing and Searching at the Edge of Cloud-Assisted Internet of Things
16 Cloudy Knapsack Algorithm for Offloading Tasks from Large Scale Distributed Applications
17 Secure k-NN Query on Encrypted Cloud Data with Multiple Keys
18 Stackelberg Game for Energy-aware Resource Allocation to Sustain Data Centers Using RES
19 Dynamic Cloud Task Scheduling Based on a Two-Stage Strategy
20 PaaS-IaaS Inter-Layer Adaptation in an Energy-Aware Cloud Environment
21 Learn to Play Maximum Revenue Auction
22 A Privacy Mechanism for Access Controlled Graph Data
23 Flexible Wildcard Searchable Encryption System
24 Data Replication and Virtual Machine Migrations to Mitigate Network Overhead in Edge Computing Systems
25 Heterogeneous Data Storage Management with Deduplication in Cloud Computing
26 Full Verifiability for Outsourced Decryption in Attribute Based Encryption
27 Graph Encryption for Top-K Nearest Keyword Search Queries on Cloud
28 Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data
29 Privacy-Preserving Smart Semantic Search Based on Conceptual Graphs Over Encrypted Outsourced Data
30 Strong Key-Exposure Resilient Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage
31 TAFC: Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control for Time- Sensitive Data in Public Cloud
1 Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration for Cloud Data
2 Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates
3 Providing User Security Guarantees in Public Infrastructure Clouds
4 EPAS: A Sampling Based Similarity Identification Algorithm for the Cloud
5 Model-Driven Development Patterns for Mobile Services in Cloud of Things
6 Follow-Me Cloud: When Cloud Services Follow Mobile Users
7 Stochastic Load Balancing for Virtual Resource Management in Datacenters
8 Video Stream Analysis in Clouds: An Object Detection and Classification Framework for High Performance Video Analytics
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1 Cloud-Trust - a Security Assessment Model for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Clouds
2 Cost-Effective Authentic and Anonymous Data Sharing with Forward Security
3 Enabling Efficient Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Mobile CloudData Through Blind Storage
4 Enabling Fine-grained Multi-keyword Search Supporting Classified Sub dictionaries over Encrypted Cloud Data
5 Identity-Based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation in Cloud Computing
6 Panda Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
7 Performing Initiative Data Prefetching in Distributed File Systems for Cloud Computing
8 Secure Optimization Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing A Case Studyof Linear Programming
9 T-broker A Trust-aware Service Brokering Scheme for Multiple Cloud Collaborative Services
10 Public Integrity Auditing for Shared Dynamic Cloud Data with Group User Revocation
11 Cloud-Based Multimedia Content Protection System
12 SelCSP: A Framework to Facilitate Selection of Cloud Service Providers
13 A dynamic secure group sharing framework in public cloud computing
14 A secure and dynamic multi-keyword ranked search scheme over encrypted cloud data
15 DROPS: Division And Replication Of Data In Cloud For Optimal Performance And Security
16 TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud
17 Group key agreement with local connectivity
18 Secure Auditing and De-duplicating Data in Cloud
19 Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Search In Information Networks
20 A Stochastic Approach to Analysis of Energy-Aware DVS-Enabled Cloud Datacenters
21 PSMPA: Patient Self-Controllable and Multi-Level Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Authentication in Distributed m-Healthcare Cloud Computing System
22 Circuit Cipher text-policy Attribute-based Hybrid Encryption with Verifiable Delegation in Cloud Computing
23 CloudArmor: Supporting Reputation-based Trust Management for Cloud Services
24 A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
25 Key-Aggregate Searchable Encryption (Kase) For Group Data Sharing Via Cloud Storage
26 Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing With Key-Exposure Resistance
27 A Secure and Dynamic Multi-keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
28 Cloud-Based Multimedia Content Protection System
29 Control Cloud Data Access Privilege and Anonymity with Fully Anonymous Attribute-Based Encryption
30 Cost-Minimizing Dynamic Migration of Content Distribution Services into Hybrid Clouds
31 Enabling Fine-grained Multi-keyword Search Supporting Classified Sub-dictionaries over Encrypted Cloud Data
32 Energy-aware Load Balancing and Application Scaling for the Cloud Ecosystem
33 Identity-Based Distributed Provable Data Possession in Multicloud Storage
34 Panda: Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
35 PSMPA: Patient Self-Controllable and Multi-Level Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Authentication in Distributed m-Healthcare Cloud Computing System
36 SelCSP: A Framework to Facilitate Selection of Cloud Service Providers
1 Identity Based Distributed Provable Data Possession in Multi Cloud Storage Services Computing
2 Automatic Scaling of Internet Applications for Cloud Computing Services
3 CCIoT CMfg Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Based Cloud Manufacturing Service System
4 Cloud Service Negotiation in Internet of Things Environment A Mixed Approach
5 CLOUDQUAL A Quality Model for Cloud Services
6 Developing Vehicular Data Cloud Services in the IoT Environment
7 Enabling Smart Cloud Services Through Remote Sensing An Internet of Everything Enabler
8 Toward Transcoding as a Service in a Multimedia Cloud Energy-Efficient Job Dispatching Algorithm
9 Towards Differential Query Services in Cost Efficient Clouds
10 Oruta Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Shared Data in the Cloud
11 Thermal Aware Scheduling of Batch Jobs in Geographically Distributed Data Centers
12 Scalable Analytics for IaaS Cloud Availability
13 QoS Aware Data Replication for Data Intensive Applications in Cloud Computing Systems
14 Dynamic Cloud Pricing for Revenue Maximization
15 Integrity for Join Queries in the Cloud
16 Balancing Performance Accuracy and Precision for Secure Cloud Transactions
17 Building Confidential and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation
18 Consistency as a Service Auditing Cloud Consistency SS
19 Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds
20 Distributed Concurrent and Independent Access to Encrypted Cloud Databases
21 Enabling Data Integrity Protection in Regenerating Coding Based Cloud Storage Theory and Implementation
22 Key Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
23 Panda Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
24 Privacy Preserving Multi Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
25 Scalable Distributed Service Integrity Attestation for Software as a Service Clouds
26 Shared authority based privacy preserving authentication protocol in cloud computing
27 Dynamic authentication with sensory information for the access control system
28 Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing
29 Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
30 Achieving Secure Scalable and Fine grained Data Access Control in Cloud Computing
31 Client side Load Balancer using Cloud
32 Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
33 A Cooperative Diversity based Robust MAC Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
34 A General Framework for Service Availability for Bandwidth Efficient Connection Oriented Networks
35 Network Based Traitor Tracing Technique Using Traffic Pattern
36 A Novel Cross Layer Intrusion Detection System in MANET
37 Web Image Re Ranking Using Query Specific Semantic Signatures
38 Attribute Based Encryption with Privacy Preserving In Clouds
39 A Scientometric Analysis of Cloud Computing Literature
40 Video Dissemination over Hybrid Cellular and Ad Hoc Networks
1 Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing
2 Mona Secure Multi Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
3 SeDas A Self Destructing Data System Based on Active Storage Framework
4 An Ensemble of Replication and Erasure Codes for Cloud File Systems
5 A Privacy Leakage Upper Bound Constraint-Based Approach for Cost Effective
6 Toward Fine Grained Unsupervised Scalable Performance Diagnosis for
7 Attribute based Access to Scalable Media in Cloud assisted Content Sharing
8 Towards Secure Multi Keyword Top k Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data
9 An Adaptive Cloud Downloading Service
10 Enabling Dynamic Data and Indirect Mutual Trust for Cloud Computing
11 CAM Cloud Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring
12 Optimal Multiserver Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing
13 Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage
14 QoS Ranking Prediction for Cloud Services
15 CloudFTP A Case Study of Migrating Traditional Applications to the Cloud
16 Privacy Preserving Delegated Access Control in Public Clouds
17 Dynamic Audit Services for Outsourced Storages in Clouds
18 A Load Balancing Model Based on Cloud Partitioning for the Public Cloud
19 CloudMoV Cloud based Mobile Social TV
20 On Data Staging Algorithms for Shared Data Accesses in Clouds
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