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takeoff projects
Domain Department Title Video Description Abstract
Testing VLSI Built In Self Test Built In Self Test is used to make faster, less-expensive integrated circuit manufacturing tests. The IC has a function that verifies all or a portion of the internal functionality of the IC Download
qca VLSI EFFICIENT XOR STRUCTURES IN QUANTUM-DOT CELLULAR AUTOMATA (QCA) Quantum-dot cellular automaton (QCA) is an emerging, promising, future generation nanoelectronic computational architecture that encodes binary information as electronic charge configuration of a cell. Download
CoreVLSI VLSI Carry Skip Adder-Takeoff Projects carry skip adder (CSKA) structure that has a higher speed yet lower energy consumption compared with the conventional adders. Download
Vlsi VLSI Introduction to Vlsi Design-Takeoff Projects Learn What is Vlsi,Major classification in Vlsi and Importance of Vlsi Projects for Engineering Students Download
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