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takeoff projects
Domain Department Title Video Description Abstract
control system EEE Fuzzy Logic Controller Import and Export In this we provide you how to run the fuzzy logic controller in a project i,e, how to import/export rules in fuzzy logic controller Download
power system/wind generation/ac to dc conveerters EEE Power conversion interface for small-capacity wind power generation system This power conversion interface includes of a power converter and a zero-sequence transformer deposit. The power converter is controlled to generate a set of positive-sequence currents to absorb a real power from the three-phase PMSG and a set of zero-sequence currents to pass through the zero-sequence transformer set to the single-phase utility Download
power system/wind generation/ac to dc conveerters EEE A Modified Bridge-Type Fault Current Limiter for Fault Ride-Through Capacity Enhancement In this proposed we used Fault ride-through (FRT) is a common requirement to abide by grid code all over the world. In this paper, to enhance the FRT capability of fixed speed wind generator system, a modified configuration of bridge-type fault current limiter (BFCL) is proposed. To check the effectiveness of the proposed BFCL, its performance is compared with that of the series dynamic braking resistor (SDBR). Download
power system/solar generation/dc to dc conveerters EEE Voltage-Source Control of PV Inverter in a CERTS Microgrid In this project we used pv system as primary source and connected to inverter to convert dc/ac the main use of the project is how we inter connect Download
Power systems/ Wind generation EEE Dynamic Behavior of DFIG Wind Turbine Under Grid Fault Conditions In this we using DFIG in wind generation, It is connected to grid system we tested the whole system with system faults Download
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