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Topic Covered: WINDOWS SERVER- 2008

1. WINDOWS SERVER Essentials:
  • Networking concepts, History of server OS. Introduction to windows server 2003 & 2008
    Features of Windows server 2008. Installation of windows server 2008
    Installation of Windows Vista, Introduction and Creation of Users accounts

2. Active Directory (A.D)- Domain Services:
  • IP Addressing, Logical Topologies, Peer to peer & Domain Models
    Introduction to Directory Services, Evolution of Directory services – LDAP Protocol
    Features of Active Directory, Installing Active Directory – Domain Controller

3. Terminal Services:
  • Terminal Server Configuration, Terminal Server Licensing Mode
    Remote Desktop, T.S Web access administration and T.S Remote Apps.,
    Overview of T.S Gateway service & T. S. session broker

4. Disk Management:
  • Basic & Dynamic Disks, Types of Volumes
    RAID 0, 1, 5 Levels, Remote Harddisk Partitioning, Mounting Concept

5. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP):
  • Introduction and Configuration of DHCP Server, DHCP Client Configuration
    Reservations, BOOTP Server, DHCP Backup

6. Internet Information Services (IIS):
  • IIS 7.0 Configuration, Hosting Websites, Virtual Directories
    Backup & Restoring Sites, FTP Server Configuration

7. Windows Server- Core:
  • Installation of Windows Server Core 2008
    Basic Commands of Server Core
    Installation, Managing & Uninstalling Server Core
    Features & roles
    Remote Management of Server Core

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