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Hardware & Networking

Personal Computer Technician - A Graduate of this program will have a working knowledge of Hardware and Software on a variety of platforms. Students will study Operating systems, Software applications, Upgrades, & computer TroubleShooting . A must for Every Computer Owner or User !

1. PC Hardware Concepts
  • Installation, Configuration, Upgrading, Identify basic procedures
  • Portable components: Identify IRQs, DMAs, and I/O addresses

2. Microprocessors
  • Microprocessors, Data Transfer Techniques, Interrupt Requests,
  • Memory Organization, working with Microprocessors.
3. Motherboards & Memory
  • CPU chips in terms of their basic characteristics. RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Motherboards components & their architecture.
4. Slots
  • ISA, PCI, AGP, Serial & Parallel Ports, PS2 & USB Ports.
5. Interfacing Devices
  • I/O Cards, Display Cards, Graphics & Sound Cards.
6. Peripheral Devices
  • Standardized Peripheral ports, cabling, & their connectors.Installing and configuring common IDE devices Installing & Configuring common SCSI devices, Installing and configuring common peripheral devices such as Key Board, Monitor, Mouse, Speaker Modem, Printer.
7. Disk Drives
  • Floppy Drives, Hard Disk Drive, CD Rom Drive, Dual Drives
8. 100% Practical Assembling of Computer BY EVERY STUDENT
9. Configuring CMOS Set Up
  • Purpose of CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor)
10. Partition & Formatting of Hard Disk
  • Formatting Hard Disk / Floppy Drive, Partitioning using FDISK. Maintenance & Servicing machine.
11. MultiMedia
  • WEB CAMERA- Live Implementation & Software Installation, Controllers, Playing Audio & Video
  • CD WRITER - Live Implementation & Software Installation. Disc Copying, Data Transfers, Movies & Mp3
12. Internet
  • Dial Up Network, Dial up Adaptor, TC/IP Installation, Internet Connection to ISP.
13. Diagnosing and Troubleshooting
  • I/O ports,Cables, Peripherals, Computer case, Storage devices & cables, Cooling systems
  • Processor /CPU, Memory , Display device , Input devices , Adapters , Troubleshooting procedures ,
  • Determining whether a hardware or software problem Gathering information from user.
14. Printer
  • Printer technologies, interfaces, options and upgrades, Printer problems and techniques used to solve them
15. Operating System Fundamentals
  • Desktop components and interfaces. System files / Command-line functions. Managing disks, directories and files
  • Major operating system utilities : Disk Clean up, Scandisk, Defragmentation
16. Installation, Configuration & Upgrading
  • Procedures for installing Operating Systems. Operating system upgrading. System boot sequences and boot methods . Procedures for installing/adding a device. Optimize the operating system
17. Troubleshooting & Virus
  • Meaning of common error codes & startup messages. Common diagnostic utilities & tools.
  • Common operational problems. Types of Virus, Effects of Virus, Anti- Virus Software.
18. Software Installations
  • Operating System : Win-2000 Installation, Installation of MS-Office/Accounting Software,
  • Installation of Web Cam Software , Installation of Driver Software and Graphic Software.
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