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takeoff projects
Civil Projects
1 Analysis and Execution of Road Work
2 Automation and Robotics In Construction Industry
3 Finite Element Modeling of Standard Strength of Material Lab Experiments using ABAQUS
4 Effect of Liquid Waste on Soil Properties
5 Comparison of Normal Concrete and GGBS Concrete
6 Residential Villa Project
7 Design and Estimation of Intze Tank
8 Designing and Planning of A Prayer Hall
9 Analysis and Design of Retaining Wall of Ganges Valley School
10 Case Study of Road Over Bridge
11 Design and Construction of Shear Walls
12 Analysis’ & Design of Water Supply & Distribution System
13 Estimation and Costing of Ganges Valley School
14 Geotechnical Characterization Of Copper Slag Towards
15 Project Report on Phase-Ii, Package-I of Outer Ring Road Shamirpet to Keesara
16 Design of Retaining Wall For A Minor Bridge
17 Manual Design And Analysis of Multi-Storied Office Building
18 Study on Heave Characteristics of Black Cotton Soil Using Copper Slag with Cement As Admixture
19 Improving The Bearing Capacity of Black Cotton Soil By Using Copper
20 Computation of Spot Speed, Design
21 Bituminous Mix Design For 4-Lane High Way Road
22 Case Study of Major Construction Works In Coal Fired Power Plants
23 Strength Characteristics of Recycled Aggregate Used For Construction Of Roads
24 Computer Aided Design of Sports Block at Ganges Valley School using Struds
25 Role of Flyash Bricks in Construction
26 FRC Project Report Original
27 Foundation and Footings for a Commercial Complex
28 Overview on Planning and Construction of a Commercial Building
29 Study of Material Testing and Mix Design Procedure of Ready Mix Concrete
30 Study of Flexural Effect on Laterally
31 Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures-A G+5 Building Model
32 Post Tensioning in Building Structures
33 A Report on Site Development and Setting out Works for the Proposed Area
34 Project Report on National Highway-9
35 Outlook of A Civil Engineering Industry
36 Project Report on Design of A Residential Building
37 Study of Mix Design of Self Compacting Concrete on M30 Grade
38 Construction of Outer Ring Road
39 Construction of Rob In Lieu of LC 40 & 41 For Approach Portions Near Upparahally Area In Tumkur Town
40 Design and Construction of Residential Building
41 Role of Fly-Ash in Construction
42 Design and Analysis of multi-Storied Building
43 Design of Elevated Service Reservoir
44 Design of R.C.C Over Head Tank
45 Detailed Study and Execution Work in Post Tension Slabs
46 Design Aspects of Flexible Pavement and Quality Control Management
47 Influence of Compaction on Copper Slag
48 On Effect of Size of Aggregate on Self Compacting Concrete of M70 Grade
49 Post Tensioning In Building Structures
50 Structural Analysis and Design of an Industrial Building
51 Study of Alternative Alignments for New Railway
52 Influence of Compaction
53 Water Supply to Griet
54 Construction of 220 KV Switching Station, GIS & Control Building
55 Fiber Reinforced Concrete
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