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Become a Researcher

Become a Researcher

A PhD is a postgraduate doctoral degree, awarded to students who complete an original thesis offering a significant new contribution to knowledge in their subject. PhD qualifications are available in all subjects and are normally the highest level of academic degree a person can achieve. For becoming a researcher we need to follow these steps

1. Selection of Right University & Registration :

The first and foremost step for becoming a researcher is selecting the right university and applying PhD in that university. Start searching for best university that provides PhD services in your area of interest. Find the best university from the list of choices. Try to contact Ph.D. students at the schools you’re interested in and get to know their information about the Ph.D. life inside the campus. Self-assess the environment and then apply to that university with all necessary documents like date of birth, all academic certificates & etc

2. Preparing a research proposal :

The next step in the research process is research proposal. Research proposal explains about the aims and PhD’s of your proposal: the original topic you plan to study and / or the questions you’ll set out to answer. It explains why your work is worthy and why it is suitable with the expertise, standards and objectives of your university. The research proposal demonstrates the significance and the quality of the research as well as reflects the capability of the researcher to conduct the research. Finally, a PhD proposal explains how you plan to go about completing your doctorate. This involves identifying the existing scholarship your work will be in dialogue with and the methods you plan to use in your research

3. Literature Review :

The literature review is normally the first thing you’ll tackle after beginning your PhD and having an initial meeting with your supervisor. A literature survey offers an overview, critical evaluation, and significant contributions of the published work on a research topic. The survey process requires relevant research work published as scholarly articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, books, and related material available on the Internet. The literature review is an essential component of a thesis or dissertation to describe the previous work.

Objectives :

  • To identify the contributions of the existing research in a particular context to understand the topic.
  • To determine the originality of the research contributions in the perspective of current literature.
  • Categorizing the contributions, determining the similarity, variations, and the relationship of each work.
  • To point out the research gaps and proposing new ideas for further research.
  • To identify the research proposals to avoid duplication of work.

5. Data Collection :

Data collection is very important task in your PhD research project. Good data collection involves collection relevant data that adds to the body of knowledge. The research methods that you will use to conduct the research determines manner of data collection.

In research, there are two basic types of data, which determines the type of analysis used :

Primary Research Data :

Primary research determines the credibility and worthiness of the outcome of a study, as the data for it is collected directly by a researcher. Primary research involves the collection of data that is subsequently analyzed to come up with findings and recommendations.

Secondary Research Data :

Secondary data collection is referred to the gathering of data from published journals, annual reports, balance sheets, country reports, economic reports, newspapers, scholarly articles, and other related sources. While such data has already been captured by other researchers, students may not have access to varied sources that can provide relevant secondary data for their study. Thus, our professionals help them collect data from all possible sources that we have access to.

6. Review Paper & Research Paper Writing :

A Survey paper is review paper. It is not merely a report on some references you found instead a review paper which aims to summarize, organize and analyze the recent research and its results in an original way that it integrates the understanding to work contributing in the academic research field. A good review paper emphasizes and explores A research paper is a work that presents the study conducted on a certain topic done by the researcher, which explains how he solves an issue in a field or contributes to it in any way. A research paper is classified into two parts based on theory testing and building, which are further divided into conceptual research papers and empirical research papers. Your paper will be scrutinized based on innovation, originality, technical merit, language and formatting, and significance of the paper for your topic.

7. Journal selection & Submission :

The primary step in paper publishing is the selection of the most suitable journal for submitting your paper. You can also call this the first step of getting your research work published. As every scholar wants to be acknowledged for his/her work by a reputed publication and wants to draw the attention of target readers and then write your paper as per the guidelines of the journal and submit that paper in selected journal.

8. Thesis Writing:

A thesis is a complete document prepared in a prescribed format to present the research findings of a candidate to qualify for the Ph.D. degree. The quality of the research, the minimum duration of the program, and requirements for completion varies considerably depending on the university. The thesis submission should be approved by the supervisor and doctoral committee. The examiners approved by the University assess the quality of the thesis for the award of Ph.D

9. Viva voice

Viva is the final step to completion of ph.d. If it’s successfully completed student will get the ph.d degree.

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